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The pink coat
She put on when it was cold
The pink coat
That was hung up when she was home

As I turn
To see his eyes
My heart skips
The two beats

I observe his motions
I lose my breath
I feel on air
My heart skips a beat

She sits in her room
And mumbles something under her breath
She's praying to see tomorrow
Because she knows what's going to happen tonight

I look into my crystal ball
To predict my future
But why is my ball foggy?
Is it because my future

You want to catch my heart?
Can I trust you?
You must love it
Hold it in your hands

She told herself
This time would be different
She would be herself
She would them

All I am
Is a human with flaws
You can't change me
You can't me no

I sit
An average day
I roll my arm over
He notices first

He's hurting
I put my hood up and go towards him
My heart pumping, worring only about him
I ask him what's the matter

I've seen the mountains
That mock me
I've seen the hills
That roll on

I caught a look
At his sick smile
My eyes darted away quickly
He turned and said, 'What is the matter? '

You left me alone
In my time of need
You laughed at me
As I lay crying

You reject me again
Saying you have no time
And now I'm hurting
Because my heart is bleeding on the inside

I told him
Let go
I am nothing special
And I never will be

She has a knife
In her hand
She cuts
Hoping to feel

You stare at the picture forever
You can't find a single flaw
As you search
Person after person

I tell this secret
I've been keeping for along time
Just to you
Because it's about you

He keeps his sercrets
Under his shirt sleeve
And hides his face
In his black hair

There's another half of you
That you won't show me
Do you think I'd get angry

Alyssa Ray Biography

Hey, I'm Yss Ry! I'm bored and I've been told I write pretty good poems, So, I was told by a friend to go on this site. Yay! I'm always venting, so if you read some messed up poem, That's just me venting!

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Pink Coat

The pink coat
She put on when it was cold
The pink coat
That was hung up when she was home
The pink coat
That kept her warm
The pink coat
That witnessed her first cut
The pink coat
She wore when she was crying
The pink coat
That knew her plans
The pink coat
That saw what happened
The pink coat
She had on when she walked in front of that truck
The pink coat
That witnessed it all
The pink coat
Had no one to keep warm, now
The pink coat
That wanted to tell everyone the truth about her
The pink coat

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this one is my favorite out of them so far, really good! ! it reminds me of us sooo much, it's scary just how true your poems are

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