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I'm tired
and I'm hurt.
I can feel the tear in my heart
spreading farther

Sick of living
Sick of pain
Sick of rejection
Sick of humanity

I cry silently inside
But you don't care.
You never do.
You enjoy my tears,

I can't keep doing this to myself,
the stress will kill me.
I have to stop
my knife.

Sick of being alone
even when I'm surronded by people.
I'm crying
but no one cares.

depression setting in
but I can't stop.
Halfway through

I woke up one day,
and knew something was wrong.
Like something was missing.
I got up and looked down at my stolen boxers and guy shirt.

I wish things
would just go back
to the way they were.
Before her

Kelsey I gave up on him
a long time ago.
He just hurt
too much.

The life of an emo...
Can anyone other than one of us understand our pain?
Our need of secrecy?


I opened my heart to you
And you stabbed it through with a knife
and you said: I love you forever, please understand.
The last words I heard as I took in my dying breath,


I feel no pain.
For I am empty inside and there is nothing left.
My pain has hollowed me out
In all it's victorious glory, it has sucked my soul dry.

I'm climbing,
Trying to get to the top of this monsterous mountian.
But I can't.
For this mountain

My eyes are bloodshot
from the tears that
have fallen this day.
Though my irises

It washes away my sorrows
And brings me hope for another day.
Cleanses my soul and rids me of my pain,

I was once
a blooming flower
ready to blossom.
But blood was shed

I gave you my heart
and I thought you had given me yours
but all you gave me was

They do not trust me.
You would think
that family would trust you
beyond others assumptions.

She pleads,
Please! Just kill my heart!
The tears rolling down
and mascara smears flowing

I keep wanting to say
I love you
and hold you close.
But then it hits me in the head,

Heart of Ice Die Die Die Biography

Well, if u've read any of poetry u can tell that i'm clinically depressed and probably should be medicated.... oh well. no need to involve doctors right? who likes them anyways? i probably could be considered bi polar as well and probably should be medicated for that as well. but, once again, no one likes doctors. filthy lablers. i'm just a girl trying to live to see tomorrow and keep putting on a fake smile in the morning for the world around me to see. don't drown. I've never complimented myself. I HATE MYSELF I don't know what PERFECT means. Who are you and why are you reading my profile? You may never understand ME. I live for writing. My life is music. My family is the only reason I'm still alive. In my book, friends are family. So don't screw them over. I trust hard, love easily. My trust was broken long ago, I'll never recover. My dad isn't in the picture. My step-dad, ... bi-polar is the word to describe him. My momma tries, but she's tired. I'm the oldest of eight. Matthew, Dylan, (not my mom's) Dylan, (not my mom's, yes, two Dylan's) Ryan, not my mom's, Mitchell, not my sperm doner's, Fara, not my mom's. Rhyanna, not my sperm doner's. I consider most of my friends my brothers or sisters. I'll always be there for you if you decide you need me there. I'd die for a complete stranger. I would bear your pain and never let you feel a thing if I could. I hate to see other's hurt. It hurts me to HATE. I AM EMO! I've been on the knife since I was eleven. I'll be fourteen in October. Don't call me a kid, because I was never a child. I grew up in the ghetto, life was hard, it still is, and I regret nothing. I will never change for another person again. Suicide is only the beginning. I've seen the fires of hell, and I'll go back again for my family. I hate America. I'm anti-establishment. I was raised by hippiez. Don't hate man! The term 'WEIRD' is and UNDERSTATEMENT. I'm not your standard TEENAGE BARBIE DOLL. I love colorz! I love smilez! I love the letter z! I don't know what LOVE is anymore. But I'm willing to love you! I will never ever be NORMAL! I don't want to hurt anymore, but I'll suffer through. I sound doom and gloom, but really, that's just my split personality talking to you! I have mini warz in my head with myself! I have multiple personalities... BEWARE! I dyed my hair PURPLE! And I'm gunna do it again... as soon as I bleach my hair without frying it all out. I have my cartilidge pierced and my bottomz pierced. I'm going to get another set on my bottomz next. I LOVE ALL THINGZ TATTOO AND PIERCING! I'm easily irritated, I get hurt easy. I've been called every name in the book. So, if you want to try it. Go for it. Nothing can be worse than where I've been. So F*CK the world. I love people, J but I HATE them even more! I love people watching. It's a hobby. Like right now I'm watching you through your window and I'd just like to say: THAT'S DISGUSTING! Just kidding! That's totally normal at your age! JOKE! Or am I? I've become bored with the normal cutz so I've taken to carving wordz into my skin. So far I've done: ALONE on my left thigh right in the middle. Hate Me on my left thigh on the inner part. Please? on my right hip just above my jeanz. Kill Me right under where my bikini ridez. And a lil' heart on my right ankle. Above where Kill Me used to be it says I♥ U That's all I've done so far. I do a lot of babysitting, and I love little kidz and babiez! Tommorrow I get to see my baby Olivia! Well, she's not technically mine. But sometimez, it feelz that way. I haven't seen her since the last week of school. I AM EMO A SISTER A FRIEND A MOMMY (to some) MISUNDERSTOOD BEAUTIFUL UGLY CONTRADICTORY INSANE CU-RAAAZY! COMPLICATED HURT WEIRD WACKY A WINTERGIRL DEATH'S LITTLE MESSENGER GIRL AND ALL VARIATIONZ OF THE COLOR ... yellow! (which is why itz pink) A PROVERB A? CONFUSING A SQUIRREL ANOREXIC ABUSED THE CENTER OF EVERY RUMOR I AM ... (wait for it) ... (any minute now) ... (dramatic pause) ... ME!)

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I'M Telling You This Now

I'm tired
and I'm hurt.
I can feel the tear in my heart
spreading farther
and farther.
The depression
is deep inside my veins.
So deep that I don't need a reason to be sad anymore,
I just am.
My charade is slipping, falling
people are starting to see through
They're realizing I'm not as happy
as they always thought I was.
I've stopped caring
as much as I used to.
I want to curl up in a ball
in my own secluded section of depression,
of hell
and stay there forever.
People are seeing
that the smile
I used to plaster on my face
every morning
has worn thin
and almost disappeared.
People are starting to notice
the red marks
peeking out from the shoulder of my sleeve.
I just don't care.
I hear their whispers.
their whispers hurt.
I'm not going to do anything about it.
I'm not goind to give them the satisfaction
of knowing they hurt me.
And I myself
have realized
I'm not as strong as I would like to be.
My heartbeat faint
my pencil strokes light,
I'm writing this to tell you,
I'm not worth waiting for.
Nobody could be worse than I am right now.
I'm cold with depression
and who wants that in their life?
I'm sorry that I can't leave your lives completely
but, I'll try to make myself
small and unnoticeable.
That's my promise to you,
I know it's small.
But maybe,
just maybe
it'll make up for it a little bit.

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summer lea talluto 24 May 2018

im 13 year old girl try to kill myself i never want to live and no one loves me i cry every minute thinking to myself why am i here this is the time were i need die but i dont know what to do anumore peole bully me in school and they think its okay when ever im gone people will blame there selfs and i will be laughing because them they will go thought the pain i went though

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summer 24 May 2018

i an tto doie so bad no on even knows how i feel life

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Broken Heart 11 May 2010

I dont know what to say! ! You rockkk! ! ! Keep up the great workk! ! :)

5 6 Reply
Eyan Desir 20 December 2009

Frusration is a part of life.... It is wonderful to express your self.... This ease the pain..... I think you are doing a beautiful job at it... So keep it up...Young lady Hoping I see some love poems on your page...

3 6 Reply
~*Random Nightmare*~ 15 October 2009

Heyy! I lovzed you! Your my best-sis-shayshay-Ima kick you into next week! I like this one the best! lol! See yazz!

2 4 Reply

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