Heart of Ice Die Die Die

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Well, if u've read any of poetry u can tell that i'm clinically depressed and probably should be medicated.... oh well. no need to involve doctors right? who likes them anyways? i probably could be considered bi polar as well and probably should be medicated for that as well. but, once again, no one likes doctors. filthy lablers. i'm just a girl trying to live to see tomorrow and keep putting on a fake smile in the morning for the world around me to see. don't drown.

I've never complimented myself.


I don't know what PERFECT means.

Who are you and why are you reading my profile?

You may never understand


I live for writing.

My life is music.

My family

is the only reason I'm still alive.

In m ...

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summer lea talluto 24 May 2018

im 13 year old girl try to kill myself i never want to live and no one loves me i cry every minute thinking to myself why am i here this is the time were i need die but i dont know what to do anumore peole bully me in school and they think its okay when ever im gone people will blame there selfs and i will be laughing because them they will go thought the pain i went though

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summer 24 May 2018

i an tto doie so bad no on even knows how i feel life

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Broken Heart 11 May 2010

I dont know what to say! ! You rockkk! ! ! Keep up the great workk! ! :)

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Eyan Desir 20 December 2009

Frusration is a part of life.... It is wonderful to express your self.... This ease the pain..... I think you are doing a beautiful job at it... So keep it up...Young lady Hoping I see some love poems on your page...

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~*Random Nightmare*~ 15 October 2009

Heyy! I lovzed you! Your my best-sis-shayshay-Ima kick you into next week! I like this one the best! lol! See yazz!

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The Best Poem Of Heart of Ice Die Die Die

I'M Telling You This Now

I'm tired
and I'm hurt.
I can feel the tear in my heart
spreading farther
and farther.
The depression
is deep inside my veins.
So deep that I don't need a reason to be sad anymore,
I just am.
My charade is slipping, falling
people are starting to see through
They're realizing I'm not as happy
as they always thought I was.
I've stopped caring
as much as I used to.
I want to curl up in a ball
in my own secluded section of depression,
of hell
and stay there forever.
People are seeing
that the smile
I used to plaster on my face
every morning
has worn thin
and almost disappeared.
People are starting to notice
the red marks
peeking out from the shoulder of my sleeve.
I just don't care.
I hear their whispers.
their whispers hurt.
I'm not going to do anything about it.
I'm not goind to give them the satisfaction
of knowing they hurt me.
And I myself
have realized
I'm not as strong as I would like to be.
My heartbeat faint
my pencil strokes light,
I'm writing this to tell you,
I'm not worth waiting for.
Nobody could be worse than I am right now.
I'm cold with depression
and who wants that in their life?
I'm sorry that I can't leave your lives completely
but, I'll try to make myself
small and unnoticeable.
That's my promise to you,
I know it's small.
But maybe,
just maybe
it'll make up for it a little bit.

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