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to me life has been a great teacher and I am learning always to live better, life has been nursing me almost more than a score of years and I have kept its care in a lab of reflection and viewed my passage...I am not what I was yesterday, you shall find me not the same on the morrow...for long ago had realized even death is not at halt and if we ca ...

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Mad Man's Song

Like a lost letter she stood for a while
to go the other side of the road..
near me who was lying in a corner of this side….
For moments, it seemed she was the same soul in whose palms seeking fulfillment I search in mine…


I am the son of my village, ,
I am born in the dreams of my father
and my childhood is his craft,
and the blossoming of my mother's garden.

Story Of Love Untitled

In summer he saw her
And on the first occasion of word
It was wool and winter..
In between those disappeared months

August Lanes

time cannot have a name
neither timelessness.
But an awakening may arrive
in a moment newness may begin


The twilight's incense has turned into a small heap;
the prayers are asleep
and God is making himself comfortable
in the wooden frames.

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Shahzia Batool 20 March 2012

India! Do please take special care of this your child... He is a prodigy, you'll get to realize it soon...

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