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I am the son of my village, ,
I am born in the dreams of my father
and my childhood is his craft,
and the blossoming of my mother's garden.

Like a lost letter she stood for a while
to go the other side of the road..
near me who was lying in a corner of this side….
For moments, it seemed she was the same soul in whose palms seeking fulfillment I search in mine…

time cannot have a name
neither timelessness.
But an awakening may arrive
in a moment newness may begin

The twilight's incense has turned into a small heap;
the prayers are asleep
and God is making himself comfortable
in the wooden frames.

In summer he saw her
And on the first occasion of word
It was wool and winter..
In between those disappeared months

Girl of the city

What do you see in the girl of the city?
Melodious intelligence or a riding scooty

It seemed like a sin is watching,
from the camouflaged trenches.
As she hid her scars with vermillion
And draped her past in a raiment of promise

She had often exclaimed that I was like the night
A candle light cannot claim to explore whom,
A riddle, or perhaps a crossword without a guide.
She tried to fill me

A few drops of ink were trying to flow out into a blend of black and white...
A few waves of music were trying to reach to their strings, , ,
to write and sing of emptiness, a little mine and a little yours...
In what is no longer, seeking a place I walk and then I meet mine...

He returned home through the same village roads,
Some morning declaring his fight against time and its tides,
through which he had gone.
Declaring miles and miles of road shorter than his dreams through which he had gone..

forced by desire to write
one night I took a pen and paper under light
I dreamed, imagined and not what I did
Still could not make the pen and paper meet

Life is strange,,,
it teaches us to walk and smile in sunrise,,
One day so it happens
from the road of roses it sweeps us to the river of deserts..

Some unsaid
To be alive I do not need a life
Gift me a few of your smiles
Paint me and my moments with your touches

One day I opened a book and it happened that it showed me strange things,
said it there stays some love for me in you, , , ,
, , , , , Moments passed of mistaken amazement
for a little while later i realised that i the book was upside down when I opened it that day,

In the first page you had written
I loved to weep
One day I wept seeing the hunger
In a street dogs face...

And all of sudden,
with a tender movement
in the waves of the sky
and colors of passing time

A man died on the road
His eyes were like the clamoring of glasses,
as if a thunder storm has just been conquered.
A mad man nearby sat and draw diary of death

One day things began to change and like winds they flew away
All the letters, drenched with the unshed tears, unadressed
from the secret caves of the heart

Of a very old story
inside an ancient narration
Though it seems the lighting is imperfect,
reality is a game and

A sin welcomes me irresistibly and in the void of paths waiting to be walked on a deep slumber follows.
And when I wake up, on one of my hands are stains of blood and on another of love. Neither can you easily hate me nor easily forgive.

Aman Saa Biography

to me life has been a great teacher and I am learning always to live better, life has been nursing me almost more than a score of years and I have kept its care in a lab of reflection and viewed my passage...I am not what I was yesterday, you shall find me not the same on the morrow...for long ago had realized even death is not at halt and if we can do nothing, , even then we must keep moving at least... Shall never regard myself as a poet, for I am not one. With too little knowledge of the language I stand no where in the scales. Poetry thus has been to me like a observation of this vastness of life, , and life has been much kind to me as since my very childhood it has shown me its vividness, , , one afternoon it showed the nest of time's rest and the other evening a heavenly morning we met beside the shore of the mighty river of our land and one night we sat in the hill top and drank moon light...I live on a flow and poetry is the picture of the many waves I come across. Have met some wonderful people here, , for that I am indebted to this place..)

The Best Poem Of Aman Saa


I am the son of my village, ,
I am born in the dreams of my father
and my childhood is his craft,
and the blossoming of my mother's garden.
So, often in my journey the fragrances of my village soil nourish me,
the messages of my mother hug me
and I draw warmth.....

I am the definition of my dreams, , ,
dreams those are birth less, ,
dreams ageless, ,
dreams those are indifferent to failure and success..
dreams those can decorate each of life's blank page, , ,

I am my best companion, , ,
Though I cannot hold my own hands, ,
I am my only guide, ,
In each of my failure and victory, ,
I have taken guard and declared to them they
aren't important to me more than myself...
I have invited myself to newness and gifted myself a new quest,

I am my best friend, ,
I am my strongest critic
and I am my deepest lover, , ,
drinking my own blood, sweat and tears, , ,
believe me, I have nullified the chances of betrayal....

I am a lover, , ,
though I have never met love...
for love is a statue and so it stays,
I am son of my village
On the palms of infinite I travel from nowhere to nowhere..
I am the song of the sky, , ,
and my pain is deeper than blue, ,
I have been friend of my father, , ,
and lover of my mother.

I am the son of my village..
So often in the journey
the fragrances of village soil nourish me,
and I draw warmth

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Shahzia Batool 20 March 2012

India! Do please take special care of this your child... He is a prodigy, you'll get to realize it soon...

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