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times change, people change
but you and i will always be the same.
stay with me, i'll set you free
don't you see? it's meant to be.

why did you leave me?
why couldn't you stay?
what did i do wrong?
why won't you say?


you were mine, i was yours
we found a way to make it work
but im sorry for being such a jerk
you got mad, so i got mad too

do you love me with all your heart?
do you commit till death do us part?
do you care about what i have to say?
do you care enough to stay?

I think it's time to move on
don't think about me when i'm gone.
I still love you but it can't be
it wouldn't work you and me.


you said you loved me, you said you cared
but now that i think about it, you were never there.
you made a promise, that didn't last long
i caught you in a lie, you didn't think you did anything wrong.

you still love me, but you want me to die?
i dont understand, please explain why.
im sorry i hurt you but i dont know what else to say
i tried and i tried but i just couldnt stay.

you were my first true love.
i thought about you everyday, untill the day they took you away
you were there a month
i was so scared

you left me, i was all alone
i loved you while your heart was cold.
i tried to fix things, your anwser was clear
you wanted nothing to do with me, exactly what i feared.

hear the music love the beat
running outside to dance in the streets
see the birds chirping there?
going outside to get fresh air

we didnt talk much, we didnt hang out
but your stuck in my head
i cant believe your gone now
you left so young

i dont know what to do
i feel like giving up
cause enough is enough
theres nothing left to prove

the way u love her is like the way i love u
i just wish you'd feel the same way about me too.
why even try when i know i wont win? hearts made of gold are more fragile then tin sorrow fills my heart while yours fills with lust the way u look at me with such disgust nothing to compare i already know she stole your heart


rushing winds blow cold sharp air
rustling trees and bushes blow through with care
smoothly moving place to place
slowley moving with a rythem filled pace.

i cant help but think i made a mistake
i messed it all up now whos to blame?
just me thats who and i'll tell you why
its cause i cant help it even though i try and try

another poem? well okay
i guess i can find some other stuff to say
like how much i care about you and how much i want you to stay
dont leave your mine

how could i forget you and i
ive already tried its no lie
the things we did the moments we shared
stuck in my head they wont get out of there.

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hey im amber. i like to write poetry even though im not that good. but i love to have people give me feedback on my poems so leave a comment :) i am really intrested in law. i like all types of music but mostly listen to R&B. i try to post poems as often as i can so i will hopefully have new poems every few weeks.)

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times change, people change
but you and i will always be the same.
stay with me, i'll set you free
don't you see? it's meant to be.
we attract, like bee's to honey.
in a special way that nobody can portray.
but you and i will always be the same.
and like flowers in may you will always be my baby.

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Devin Blair 07 July 2012

sad da about terrence: (

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