Tell Me The Truth Poem by Amber AandB

Tell Me The Truth

Rating: 4.8

do you love me with all your heart?
do you commit till death do us part?
do you care about what i have to say?
do you care enough to stay?
do you believe we have a chance?
do you believe in our romance?
will you wait when i have to go?
will you stay when im all alone?


this poem is well written i enjoyed it, it has a nice flow. but honestly even though we are teens we shouldnt be looking 4 merrage so young. but we should look 4 someone we want to spend the rest of our life with. you may have found love, but true love will stand out over all loves you have loved and felt. keep it up.

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Tiffany M... 27 August 2011

This poem's really good! ! ! : D Very nice flow to it.. Plus the rhyming is cute ^-^ I rated it 10!

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Elizabeth Grace 09 August 2011

Indeed, you were right. I do like this one very much. :) Thank you for writing. You give me hope :)

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Abdallah Gamal 05 August 2011

Excellent, , perfect, , gr8 work, , nice poem

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