Amber Glistener Poems

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Bright Darkness

I sit upon this rock,
and stare up at the sky,
with brilliance the stars shine,
to recreate would be meaningless to try.

Behind This Silent Window Pane

Can you hear me?
As I whisper your name.
When I pound my fists upon the pane.
When I scream out to you is it all in vain?


I am tightly sealed in a darkness,
Confined to the extreme,
where nobody hears me banging on the metal ceiling,
of the box that I lay in.

I'M Thankful For

As an author I must realize,
All the things he has given me,
The love that surrounds my life,
The faith that inspires it.

Mysterious Music

The faint sound that rises in my dreams,
farther in the distance,
pushed back in my memory from a time far away,
a time that seems to never come.

Midnight Neighbors

The house is creaking in the night,
of that I am sure.
Underneath the floorboards are squeaking with no light,
A hypnotic kind of lure.

The Witch

The wicked witch swings her axe,
It clangs against my skull,
I raise my sword to fight her back,
To find its blade is dull.

How Will You Be Remembered?

Everyone has a story,
but some are surly uncertain how to tell it.
In a way this can be a good thing.
Let others tell it for you.

A Weary Soldier

Tired eyes watch the weary reflection of the soldier,
who walks without pride or judgment,
and fears none but God.

Where Are You?

Could it get any more confusing?
I thought I had it cleared out.
The fog of my mind was just clearing,
and now it's thicker than ever.

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