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Bright Darkness

I sit upon this rock,
and stare up at the sky,
with brilliance the stars shine,
to recreate would be meaningless to try.

How Will You Be Remembered?

Everyone has a story,
but some are surly uncertain how to tell it.
In a way this can be a good thing.
Let others tell it for you.

I'M Thankful For

As an author I must realize,
All the things he has given me,
The love that surrounds my life,
The faith that inspires it.

Behind This Silent Window Pane

Can you hear me?
As I whisper your name.
When I pound my fists upon the pane.
When I scream out to you is it all in vain?


I am tightly sealed in a darkness,
Confined to the extreme,
where nobody hears me banging on the metal ceiling,
of the box that I lay in.

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All the poems by this poet are both inspirational, and you can really sense the true person behind the poem

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Alicia Meyers 06 January 2012

Amber is a great writer, she's very talented. Happy New Years, and have a great year! :)

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I am a middle school writer who loves writing and music and art. Some of the things I write, people may think me insane for doing so. I must say this though, most of my writing of poetry is based off of true emotion. I love Texas-Style fiddling, blue-grass, country, classical, Celtic, and christian music. I am also in the middle of writing two novels.

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