I'M Thankful For Poem by Amber Glistener

I'M Thankful For

As an author I must realize,
All the things he has given me,
The love that surrounds my life,
The faith that inspires it.

You ask me what I’m thankful for,
On this Thanksgiving day,
And this is what I tell thee,
I am thankful for life.

I am thankful for the breath in my lungs,
That keeps me alive each day,
It determines how healthy I am,
An acknowledgement that I am very much alive.

I am thankful for light,
A pathway in the darkness,
A hope and a sign of goodwill,
A way to see with these two eyes of mine.

I am thankful for friends,
Who believe in you no matter what crazy things you do,
Who cover your mouth and pop logic into you when you are not right,
A guardian angel while they do not yet know.

I am thankful for the gentle breeze,
I am thankful for sunsets and rises,
I am thankful for flowers,
I am thankful for beautiful things others do not recognize.

I am thankful for water,
A cool refreshing relief to brighten my day,
The beautiful settlement of two thirds of the world,
A world within a world.

I am thankful for words,
To describe great and wonderful things,
To make others laugh and cry,
To make poetry that sounds sweet as honey to the ear.

I am thankful for stories,
They brighten up any moment,
Bring an understanding to the time,
They entertain and create escape for those who can and will.

I am thankful for emotion,
Expressing what’s inside,
Overwhelming us so that we are without words,
Where there is only one who can describe the emotion.

I am thankful for the Lord most of all,
He died so that we could live with him eternally,
He lived so that we could know him,
He created us so that we could do, make, and see beautiful things.

The world is a vast place,
Where everything should be appreciated,
Where everyone should be loved and wanted,
Where anything can happen.

I am thankful for Life…

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