How Will You Be Remembered? Poem by Amber Glistener

How Will You Be Remembered?

Everyone has a story,
but some are surly uncertain how to tell it.
In a way this can be a good thing.
Let others tell it for you.

How are we to be remembered?
What will our friends and neighbors say about us when we're gone?
The answer is...
It's up for you to decide.

Actions speak louder than words.
It may be true...
but, it is the words and actions that you use,
that help define you.

We all have to think about the future...
For ourselves and for our neighbors.
Who would be the oddball...
If we only helped others achieve arrival to the future.

True selflessness is not an act of selfishness.
They counteract each other.
Not seeing yourself for yourself,
is just that.

Jumping in front of those who might be injured.
Creating justice for those who cannot obtain it.
Assisting those who have given it up for not.
Is that how your story should be told?

Don't climb just to be seen!
For God sees you.
Don't yell just to be heard!
For God hears you.
And if he wants you to be seen,
they shall see you.
And if he wants you to be heard,
they shall hear you.

So clean that sword and dust off that old shield.
Walk down the path to battle,
Like a true warrior.
Dont march into battle as a soldier,
But fly into battle as a protector.

Wear the white of the dove as the Lords warrior,
the green of life as the protector of the innocent,
the blue of the new as the supporter of creation,
the yellow of the light as the portrayal of his greatness.

Your battered armor shall be polished under his glory.
Your rusted shield shall shine under his holiness.
Your dull weapons shall cut through anything under his might.
No enemy shall be his equal and he shall stand with you.

How will you be remembered?

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