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Suicide, Suicide

Suicide, suicide wishing I were dead.
Suicide, suicide deep in my head.
Suicide, suicide cutting my wrists.
Suicide, suicide I'm so done with this.

A Razors Edge

As I start to feel lonely again,
I reach for an old friend.
A friend of shiny steel,
With a razors edge.

Roses Are Red...

Roses are red, voilets are blue
blood is red, when I bleed my body turns blue.

When I cut and slice my skin,

I Am Here...

I am here, though it does not feel like it.

Every time I wake, I wonder am I really here?

What About You?

Many nights I lay in bed,
Contemplating suicide,
Wishing I were dead.

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I am in foster care, I have been since I was 11. Before that time I was not given a very long life expectancy due to a cronic illness called Cystic Fibrosis. I went to the foster home where I was constantly cared for and watched over. I astonished my doctors, living 4 years longer than expected. I am doing much better with that aspect of my life. R ...

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