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Suicide, Suicide

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Suicide, suicide wishing I were dead.
Suicide, suicide deep in my head.
Suicide, suicide cutting my wrists.
Suicide, suicide I'm so done with this.

2 days,2 days let until I die.
2 days,2 days til the last tear I'll cry.
2 days,2 days until I am all gone.
2 days,2 days til the dark breaks the dawn.

Suicide, suicide deep inside my head.
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Lauren O'sullivan 22 August 2009

im 16 and ive been unhappy since i can remember i dont go out i dont trust anyone and i dont no why im an ordinary looking girl but im not normal my head aint right and ide like to say that this poem means alot to me as it is how i feel most of the time i right poetry and ide like to share it with everyone i wrote a poem called suicide similer to yours but its how i feel anyway i really liked it..lauren..

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Victoria Golden 20 October 2009

this poem shows exactly how i been feeling. its realii amazingg.

7 5 Reply
Elizabeth Resendiz 20 May 2009

love it! tatally wicked!

2 4 Reply
Kaitlinn Sendar 24 March 2009

this is a really good poem you have gave me lots of ideas for my suicide poems

2 3 Reply
Anonymous 12 December 2020

Im not suicidal . I just wanna be free.

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unlovedtrans 27 October 2020

Im trans and i came out to my parents they said they wished i were dead i have a girlfriend but i feel like she hates me an i want to end please someone give me a reason to survive

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Caesar 13 April 2021

There is no need for suicide, every problem can be solved, just keep calm. If you just keep up and ignore are the negative stuff you will end up living a happy life don't do it.

2 1 Reply
No one 03 October 2020

Well I saw a higher power and wish to give my forced invitation back. How do I spit this back

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Someone who cares 01 October 2020

For all those feeling suicidal please don’t do it. You are loved and valued.

1 2 Reply
Annonimus 28 September 2020

I’m gonna do it tonight

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