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A sensible (sometimes sensitive) , gentle lady with never ending inquisitiveness in nature(my first love.

My motto: Live a lovely life lively and let live.....

Wish: would like to reborn as a fragrant flower/singing bird/tribal person

Profession: Associate Prof in a medical college and researcher (If not this, always wanted to be an architect)
Hobbies: Poetry, travelling, light music, hand made embroidery, and partying with friends, watching movies..

Ambrosia Ambrosia Poems

River Ganga- Forever Yours...

Me, river Ganga descended from heaven
Just to serve you all the needy.
I was the purest, you made me sacred.
You prayed me and I blessed you all

What Is Hope? Hope Is Like

Hope, a magical word of four letters
Although everyone struggle to hold fast, scared of loosing it,
Never vanishes from anyone’s life, well what is hope?

Happy Birthday My Son, My Love

Oh, my dearest little man,
13 years ago God sent his warmest blessing through you.
What a blissful moments those are,
When for the first time you called me ‘mamma’,

A Love Affair With Moon!

Oh, that gorgeous, smiley crescent
Again surfaced in the gloomy, empty sky
Eyes gaze untiringly, as if discovered just now
Newness explored in my mundane life.

The Same Rain

So romantic and soothing
In those happier days.

The same rain
Like shedding tears to accompany me

Ambrosia Ambrosia Comments

Rajnish Manga 03 May 2019

Hugely impressed by your poetry- its topics, style and depth of expression. Thanks and Good Wishes.

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Frank (popeye) Pulver 19 April 2013

I really like your poetry, straight from the heart, very beautiful

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