Happy Birthday My Son, My Love Poem by Ambrosia Ambrosia

Happy Birthday My Son, My Love

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Oh, my dearest little man,
13 years ago God sent his warmest blessing through you.
What a blissful moments those are,
When for the first time you called me ‘mamma’,
Now also that innocent tone is ringing in my ears.
OMG, that baby smile, full of puppy love, just matchless!

How can I forget those golden memories?
You embraced me to kiss and clapped as a great achiever.
Always clinging to me with your little soft hand,
as if I am everything in your little world.
You naughty little giant, bit my finger purposely while feeding,
just to drag my attention from TV, what a pleasant pain was that!

I doubt anything in this world would replace those days.
You desperately waited for me whole day, just for a warm a kiss.
And now, you are all grown up, managing everything on your own,
Yet everyday evening you wait for me, exactly like in those days,
You receive me with same hope, love and affection that is unparalleled.
Yes, nothing has changed, now also I am your entire world! !

I ever wonder anybody needs me and loves me
More than you in the whole universe.
You, me and us make the whole happy world.
My Lord, thanks for giving me a reason to live, love and pray!
Today I pray you to bless him with all happiness, health, love…
Coz, you know I am his mother and YOU are his FATHER……

Today is a precious day....my son’s B’day and
I truly hope with all your blessings and my prayers, he grows up to be strong, healthy and a wise man who can and will make a difference in the world- for the better.
Heather Wilkins 25 June 2013

a beautiful birthday poem for your son. very special.

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Unwritten Soul 18 June 2013

So sweet and full with loves...I was late to read this but still i wanted to wish your lil man, Happy Birthday to you! may the next days and years bring you more excited things to gain...gonna vote this 10 to be a witness how lovely the love between mom and child here! _Soul

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Hans Vr 13 June 2013

Wonderful mothre-son poem, very nice to read

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