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What Is Hope? Hope Is Like

Hope, a magical word of four letters
Although everyone struggle to hold fast, scared of loosing it,
Never vanishes from anyone’s life, well what is hope?

Happy Birthday My Son, My Love

Oh, my dearest little man,
13 years ago God sent his warmest blessing through you.
What a blissful moments those are,
When for the first time you called me ‘mamma’,

A Love Affair With Moon!

Oh, that gorgeous, smiley crescent
Again surfaced in the gloomy, empty sky
Eyes gaze untiringly, as if discovered just now
Newness explored in my mundane life.

The Same Rain

So romantic and soothing
In those happier days.

The same rain
Like shedding tears to accompany me

Moon, Don'T You Miss Me?

Oh cruel clouds,
Don’t come between me and my moon,
If not to rain, why to disturb?

Oh, my moon, my love

Save, Save, Save, It Is Going To Extinct Soon

Oh, no it’s not about
Any flora or fauna!
It’s about humans with
Kind heart

Love Just Happens

A friend suggested me to
Find a new partner!
Have you ever seen a flower
Go on searching for a bee? Never.

A Little Nest

O Lord,
Bless me with a little nest,
Amid this lush green forest,
Beside a cool clear flowing stream.

My Childhood- Lost Glory!

Knock, knock! O' Almighty,
Hearing me?
Take everything I possess today,
Return the lost glory of my childhood!


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