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Victory Is Feasible

Rating: 4.6

Challenge the fate before it challenges you,
Do it before the time or else you will have to pay the due.

With stress gratis untie your mind,
Bring back the acumen you have left behind.

Face every challenge with fortitude and audacity,
You will surely be benefited with a prideful gritty.

Everything is feasible if it is tried,

And the knowledge of it will ever abide.
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Ravi Sathasivam 08 August 2009

A good poem. You have said it well.

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Sameer Ahmed 05 July 2009

The one finger that wipes off our tears in failure is much better than the two hands clapping for our success. Victory is indeed a blessing and everyone wishes for it but one should not subside the realities and further hardwork after attaining something really desirable because there is no end to success and one should always try to be humble as more as he or she can and work hard always.......a good inspirational poem......10/10

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hi ameera gr8 u see u here keep up the good work and keep writing such humourous pieces. take care

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Janri Gogeshvili 26 February 2008

Thanks … temper foresight …

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