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Freedom is losing without fears
Slavery is just tears

Freedom is being proud & great

When I was hurt & lost someone dear
I did go on because I am a foot soldier

When the going got tough with nothing to gear


Why life is all about hard work & success
When it can be a great pleasure & only happiness

Why should it be toiling hard trying to get somewhere

A defeated soul is the most humble creation
As it knows the truth & it's own limitations

A defeated soul knows life's pitfalls

I am the city who never sleeps at night
I am the grassland where sun shines very bright

I am the sky where birds fly very high

Only one gleam of hope is enough
Enough to fight to the end

Only one word of praise is enough

Life we like to live
things we want to give

battles that we loose

Deep down into my mind
There is some peace to find

Deep down into my soul

The biggest monster can't scare you
Nor the worst failure can break you
Even the most horrid force can't create a tinge of fear in you
It's only your mind that could make you or break you


You are the glory & You are the peace
You are the courage in every moment we cease

You are the truth & You are the patience

Do the things you want the most
Do the things you love the most

Because this moment will be a past in a blink

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Freedom is losing without fears
Slavery is just tears

Freedom is being proud & great
Slavery is just to regret

Freedom is something worth dying for
Slavery is nothing worth living for

Freedom is like being a warrior
If you are a slave then your fate is much sad & inferior

Freedom is like loving your woman & your wine
Slavery is just hopelessly guessing that 'I am fine'

Freedom is the truth & the success
Slavery is a grief in excess

Freedom is caring for your soul
Freedom is being master of you own destiny
Freedom is having self-respect

So if you are a slave then make yourself free
I bet that then you will grow like a sacred tree.

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Kimberly D'souza 19 November 2012

your poems are really good =)

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