Life Poem by ameya deshpande


Rating: 4.8

Why life is all about hard work & success
When it can be a great pleasure & only happiness

Why should it be toiling hard trying to get somewhere
Why can't we have fun in it because we are always there

Why should we struggle for what other people call success
Then we only think of them & get into the whole mess

Why life is all about giving justifications & explanations
Why can't we live insanely when we know our intentions

Why life is about what is wrong & what is right
Why can't we be selfish & fight our own fight

Why are we taught by them who are not fearless
Once we believe in them we become cowards & hopeless

Why do we fear god & try to please him
When we are responsible for our actions & can't blame him

Why is life about doing what others think is right
Why can't we enjoy ourselves & fight for our own right

Why is life so serious as if you may commit a sin
Why can't we roar & triumph as we might win

Why is life so fragile as if a delicate thing
Why can't we have nerves of iron with all the zing

Why life has to be a philosophy with some divine essence
Why can't it be simple & straight with no non-sense

Jossy Okun 10 November 2014

Why are we here when we are suppose to be there? Here or there, there always a reason to live.

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Dave Walker 11 November 2012

We only get one life, so we need to enjoy it. A great poem.

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A B 09 November 2012

a v nice poem.....Life is what we make it, yes You are requested to go thru my poem on 'Life' too...thx

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Heather Wilson 26 June 2012

They say, life is what you make it, but that is not always true, as you say Why, A good write and thoughtful content.

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Thomas Duncky 26 June 2012

Why? Why can't we find the answers to all these Whys? Nice write.

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