A Defeated Soul Poem by ameya deshpande

A Defeated Soul

Rating: 4.7

A defeated soul is the most humble creation
As it knows the truth & it's own limitations

A defeated soul knows life's pitfalls
It knows what makes you stumble & what makes you fall

A defeated soul is always compassionate as it knows how it feels
it knows what hurts & what heals

A defeated soul knows that its going to be a success
But its wise enough not to trade its own happiness

A defeated soul has seen the rise & the fall
Hence its friendly & is as strong as a stone wall

A defeated soul knows that death cannot be avoided
It knows the foolishness of life where the fear is rewarded

A defeated soul is a hero who doesn't have a success story
But it knows that you must live for yourself & not for the glory

A defeated soul is sometimes as quiet as a stone
Because it knows that life is an ice-cream melting in its cone

A defeated soul can share its story without saying a word
It can tell you the truth that you haven't heard

A defeated soul hasn't lost its faith in goodness
It only knows better the dangers of life & is not careless

I think that a defeated soul is an echo of a sweet melody
It may have seen the dark side of life but it still is a thing of beauty

Sunday, July 31, 2016
Topic(s) of this poem: motivational
Kelly Kurt 01 August 2016

You poured your soul into this poem, Ameya. Thank you for sharing

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Ratnakar Mandlik 31 July 2016

Life is an ice cream, melting in it's cone! Superb conceptualization. Thanks for sharing this inspirational poem which is motivational too.10 points.

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Subhas Chandra Chakra 31 July 2016

A defeated soul has seen the rise & the fall Hence its friendly & is as strong as a stone wall Thanks for the lovely poem so beautifully written. 10 for It. Subhas

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Deejay Jaffar 31 July 2016

Very nice poem. Thak you for sharing this

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