Amy Hang

Rookie (12/3/90 / Denver)

Amy Hang Poems

1. You & I 6/24/2008
2. It Hurts 6/24/2008
3. In His Heart 7/14/2008
4. The Pain 11/3/2008
5. To Pretend 11/3/2008
6. Why? 11/3/2008
7. Punishment 2/4/2009
8. Love 2/21/2009
9. Remember 2/21/2009
10. The Truth 2/21/2009
11. Suicidal 2/21/2009
12. Three Words 4/20/2009
13. Broken Chain 4/20/2009
14. Crying 'Cause Of Pain 6/1/2009
15. Scars From Pain 6/1/2009
16. Behind Those Eyes 6/1/2009
17. Forever/Never 6/1/2009
18. Dying Soul 6/1/2009
19. Breaking Dawn 6/1/2009
20. Dark Pain 6/1/2009
21. Fairy Tale 7/23/2009
22. Choose 12/3/2009
23. Our Love 2/4/2011
24. Brother's Irony 5/14/2012
25. Chess 6/1/2009
Best Poem of Amy Hang


I move right
He moves left.
I feel the light
He takes another step.

I had to smile
His face stays straight
I take a look for awhile.
His love for me is fake.

I try to keep up
He takes few more steps
I'm going nuts!
What plans in his mind did he kept?

I look for another way
What did he see?
I don't know what to say
He locked my mind so it can't be free.

My heart was tightly wrapped
He tells me that I thought too late
I was trapped
He says check-mate

-Amy Hang
copyright ©
June 1,2009

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It Hurts

It hurts to hear you say, I love you,
When you meant something else. If you really loved me,
You wouldn't dare hurt me.
I'm sensitive and you know that,
But why do you hurt me physical and emotional? It hurts.
You don't know how I feel And that makes me sad.
You're not there for me, When you say you're there for me.
I thought good things 'bout you,
But it was all lies and wrong stuff to think.

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