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I move right
He moves left.
I feel the light
He takes another step.

I have been taken over
'Cause I've been careless.
My heart will never be pure, never.
And for that, I'm breathless.

Love or Lust?
Which is it?
Is it a man who could make me smile constantly & giggle with in
Or the man who I could open up & lose myself into?

In the beginning, it was nothing,
Hopeless even and unknowing.
Now it’s a world of wonder.
We are filled with power.

Weak, afraid, and unable to look straight into people's eyes, a coward
I am for not stepping up; "For you, a thousand times over, " I'll apologize
and hope that you will forgive
me, Taking you son, Sohrab, into my home is a start to redeem

I say
I love you
And I really do.

It hurts to hear you say, I love you,
When you meant something else. If you really loved me,
You wouldn't dare hurt me.
I'm sensitive and you know that,

In his eyes, I see no fear.
I sense happiness,
But feel the tears.
I hear laughter and care free days

The pain in my chest
Is unbearable.
I cannot take it anymore,
So let me be.

I pretend
To smile,
To laugh,
& show no sadness,


Why do I slit my vains?
The scars doesn't go away,
But I always feel pain
And I go deep all the way.

Let it die
Let it go
Don't sufficate
Don't hesitate


I say
I love you
And I really do.

I thought we'll be happy
But I guess not.
Why couldn't I see
that we were some-how gonna rot?

It's getting closer
But we're getting farther
Why can't you see
That our love isn't free?

Happy smiles.
Big laughs.
Everything was almost right.
This was the light.

You've been there since I was somehow drawn close to you.
Watching me cry was embarrassing at first,
But now I'm use to doing it no matter what.
Letting you wipe the tears from my cheek,

We've been so close.
We love, hug, held, and been there for eaach other.
Took little steps to stick together.
Shared information that was sadm upsetting, and funny.

It hurts more than anything.
People treats me down and terrible so many times.
But why? Why do I deserve it? What did I do?

Do you know what?
When you get hurt emotionally, it's like a scar.
The pain doesn't go away.
It's always there noticeable or deep within you.

Amy Hang Biography

I'm a lil asian gurl who loves poetry, feelings, and enjoying life now. But drama iz tooo much 4 me. I'm in colorado chillen nd myspace talking to friends but i write poems when im not thinking. but they r all good. I love techno and rock...)

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I move right
He moves left.
I feel the light
He takes another step.

I had to smile
His face stays straight
I take a look for awhile.
His love for me is fake.

I try to keep up
He takes few more steps
I'm going nuts!
What plans in his mind did he kept?

I look for another way
What did he see?
I don't know what to say
He locked my mind so it can't be free.

My heart was tightly wrapped
He tells me that I thought too late
I was trapped
He says check-mate

-Amy Hang
copyright ©
June 1,2009

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