An Angel Without Wings

An Angel Without Wings Poems

1. Place To Go 5/3/2007
2. Love 5/22/2007
3. Broken Life 5/22/2007
4. Red Droplets In The Snow 5/22/2007
5. Gallows 6/23/2007
6. What Is Love 11/19/2008
7. Fight For Love 2/19/2009
8. Ode To Sleep 2/19/2009
9. Love Vs. Hate 2/20/2009
10. True Love? 7/23/2009
11. Who Are You? 7/23/2009
12. Alpha Male 7/23/2009
13. My House 7/23/2009
14. The City 7/23/2009
15. Come What May 7/23/2009
16. Seven 9/14/2007
17. The Thoughts Inside My Head 7/23/2009
18. God 9/14/2007
19. Harsh Reality 5/22/2007
20. Finding Home 10/21/2010
21. Perfect Opposition 2/24/2008
22. Not As It Seems 7/23/2009
23. Rain 5/6/2007
24. The Irony Of Love 5/31/2007
25. Beautiful Girl 8/14/2007
26. Take A Chance On Love 10/21/2010
27. One Simple Kiss 9/17/2007
28. An Angel 8/8/2007

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  • Courtney Groth (10/29/2008 11:08:00 AM)

    hey...ive posted some of my poems. u should read some and tell me what u think. btw i love Story of a Boy! ! its really good! ! keep it up! ! !

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Best Poem of An Angel Without Wings

An Angel

Each scar tells a story
about this girl's life
a story about misery,
anger, and strife

This one about rumors
those are about fights
and these are about him
and his neverending light

He was an angel
an angel from Hell
of course on the outside
you couldn't even tell

She always thought of him
as nothing but the best
but his razorblade kiss
was her hardest test

No one could stop him
even if they tried
that's why each night
her bloody wrists cried

Each morning she rose,
cleaned up the mess
got ready for ...

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Broken Life

This poem is about one of my best friends who has struggled with this cruelty her entire life. Most of this is true from her past, although she has not killed herself she has often thought about it.....

Beaten, broken, crying tears
Wishing, wanting this to end
The pain, the fear of sixteen years
Beating down upon your head

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