Ana Lia Zaldivar

Rookie (March 1,1994 / Honduras)

Ana Lia Zaldivar Poems

1. Your Love Is Like The Shape Of Clouds 1/7/2009
2. The Begining And Ending Of Love (Life) 1/7/2009
3. What You Can See When You Love 1/7/2009
4. The First ''True'' Love 1/7/2009
5. The Most Missused Words 1/7/2009
6. You Were My Everything 1/7/2009
7. Real Beauty 1/7/2009
8. What I Gave To You 1/7/2009
9. The Painter 1/8/2009
10. Poetry Is Made Up Of Love 1/8/2009
11. Talk My Friend 1/9/2009
12. She Changed ‘cause Of You 1/10/2009
13. I Just Reached Death Because Of You 1/19/2009
14. Let Me Be Human 1/19/2009
15. What Am I Paying For? 1/24/2009
16. The Golden Chest 1/24/2009
17. To My Daddy The Teddy Bear 1/25/2009
18. The Sanctuary 2/1/2009
19. Unhappy 2/4/2009
20. Thoughts Of An Old Love 5/27/2009
21. Trying To Find Words To Decribe This Love 10/13/2009
22. The Military Love 1/7/2009
23. My Love Story 1/7/2009
24. To See A Rose 1/8/2009
25. You'Ll Save Me From Myself 1/7/2009
26. The Hunter 1/8/2009
27. Life's Not The One You Must Blame 1/11/2009
28. What Happened To My Honduras? 1/9/2009
29. My Sweet Lullaby 2/5/2009
30. One Touch Was Enough 1/27/2009
31. Society Let Me Be 2/1/2009
32. Simple Thoughts Of A Broken Hearted 2/1/2009
33. My Second Time 8/20/2009
34. Is It Love? 8/11/2009
35. Once Upon A Time... 5/27/2009
36. Love Took Me By Surprise 6/27/2009
37. My Angel The Lover 5/29/2009
38. Oh Sorry My Friend 1/8/2009
39. My Mistake 1/9/2009
40. Why Is It That Love Is So Cruel? 5/26/2009
Best Poem of Ana Lia Zaldivar

*strong And Independent Woman

****I'll write from the bottom of my heart.. this time i wont try for it to rhyme.. or for it to sound pretty.. i'll just keep on writting each thought that my heart has been screaming for 15 years... and till today they'll be heard..


I was your dream, everything you wished to have.
You played with me, you sang baby lullabies to me.
You always treated me right, you always made me your number one..
It was only dad, you, and me...
your very dream come true,
a family...

Dad's ex-wife dumped her children at our perfect ...

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Real Beauty

Beauty begins to shine whenever it is discovered,
but it hides from those who want it just to full fill their need of power,
from those who think is just a ''who has the most'' game,
and from those who cant appreciate it and take care of it.

Real beauty lies in a heart,
visible only for the ones that are capable of naming it
as the most invaluable, sacred thing on eart,
taking care of it with their own hearts.

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