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I was 14 when I wrote all of these.

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*strong And Independent Woman

****I'll write from the bottom of my heart.. this time i wont try for it to rhyme.. or for it to sound pretty.. i'll just keep on writting each thought that my heart has been screaming for 15 years... and till today they'll be heard..


I was your dream, everything you wished to have.
You played with me, you sang baby lullabies to me.
You always treated me right, you always made me your number one..
It was only dad, you, and me...
your very dream come true,
a family...

Dad's ex-wife dumped her children at our perfect place..
Your dream now ended..
But you always strong and independent woman,
took the desision to make them your family too..
You took care... five of them, and me..

Two years later, just when i had two years of age..
Dad money was stolen, we were left with nothing..
He came home depressed, without any force to keep on moving..
He had left a family with no home..
with nothing to eat
with nothing to survive..
But you always strong and independent woman,
you, by your own, grabbed some force,
you didn't give up,
you never did,
you always faught...

You made a new home,
you fought for us,
Strong and independent woman,
I'll always admire you for that..
But as you worked day and night,
There was a little girl who dreamed to be with you..

Less than a year...
You were detected a horrible desease..
But as always I AM PROUD TO TELL
strong and independent woman
you kept on fighting for us...

Day by day
you kept on fighting..
dad took care of us,
you were always out of home..
and when you came back...
you always faught with dad...
I always dreamt of having you back...
like those days you sang to me,
those days we played..

Mom fifteen years have gone by..
I will always love you for what you have done,
I will always be proud of you,
and you wil always be my everything...
But for at least one day,
I am hopping to be your everything back again..
I am hopping to have a mother's love for one day..
That's all I am asking to life,
That is my only reason to cry as I am right now..
My strong and independent woman..

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Priscilla Dornan 07 February 2009

You have great potential! your word flow beautifully. Very impressive for your age. Keep writting! !

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