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I can see thee
dancing with roses
unaware of me
hugging my loneliness

and there it was
with its pale light
staring sadly
at the black night

You know what I feel,
when I see the sun kissing the ocean?
when I see the stars dancing with the moon?
when I hear the birds singing with devotion?

Under the pouring rain
hidding my tears
I saw you leaving me
careless of my fears

The sun comes out
bringin shadows
that whisper in my ear
the things you do


can you see it?
no? well hold my hand
and I'll lead you to it
now. can you see it?

I have a lot of memories
Of myself under that table
In that dark room.
I have weird memories

What a dream
I had last night
you were with me
in a far away land

Hell flames will never turn off,
I should have know better
for I've been living there for so long.

Damn, is just too hard
but I can't let my face be shown.
is just damn hard,
happy clowns dancing in the dark

Quisiera sonreir con el corazon,
volar por el cielo sin preocupacion,
decirte lo que escondo bajo mi piel,
sin temer a tu burla cruel.

Darkness is all I see,
is it really there?
Come and walk with me
I'm tired of this loneliness

I remember him staring at me with those sweet eyes,
and I'd wonder, why can't I stare you the same way?
Without being able to held his gaze I stared down.

Where is she going?
Everybody asks
Careless she keeps on moving smoothly
Forward like the wind

Las garras del infierno
Me abrazan en el miedo
Temblando grito al tiempo
Que pare este tormento.

lo volvi a mirar en la oscuridad
Su rostro angelical de mármol
Volvio a engañarme,
Sin poder volver a la realidad

I don’t know what to do,
M y mind is blank
My body is numb
My throat is dry.

If I look at you like this
is not because I hate you
is not that I'm dissappointed at you
is nothing against you.

En el murmullo de las olas
podras escuchar mi nombre
asi te daras cuenta
que estas en mi mente

I want to wake up
from this nightmare...
your ghost lingers around me
pressing my chest

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I can see thee
dancing with roses
unaware of me
hugging my loneliness

I can see thee
flying up high
in my hollow dream
in this silent night

and sometimes I think
I'm in your eyes
feeling I can swim
all the way into your heart

We are walking on blue waters
feeling the breeze of the sea
for I'm with you nothing matters
for we are together, I breath

holding hand to hand
we walk to the moon
into a dreamland
on a hot balloon

but the dream is over
and there you are
dancing with roses
feeling like a czar.

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