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When I look up at the skies,
I see your smiling face.
Every cloud is dancing with grace,
All my sadness suddenly vanished

When I say I love you, what I mean is that
thank you for being there.
When I say I love you, what I mean is that
I still miss you every second.

She's so pretty there's no doubt.
I stare at her every night
in awe with a speechless mouth.
Just seeing a short glimpse

'Til now, I still remember
from the day you said
you would always be there.
And you know how much

I still remember the day...
the day you look me straight in the eye
staring at those lips that spoke all the lies.
'Forever I'll be with you', you say,

I didn't fall in love with you because I needed you
or that I wanted someone to love
or because I needed you to make me feel happy.
I fell in love with you because because

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Angel Dela Cruz occasionally writes poems and quotes mostly about heartaches and sadness even though she didn't experience it first-hand. She has some unpublished short stories. She loves to read dark, engrossing, and suspenseful plot-driven stories. She also idolizes Stephen King's work. She's quite weird actually. HAHA Despite the fact that she cannot still decide what to do about her life, Angel soon found she preferred making up her own stories-- complete with happy endings and maybe tragic ones. To learn more about Angel, here are some of the platforms to reach her: Email: Instagram: ayem_angel2002 Twitter: adm_wilde Facebook: Angel DelaCruz)

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When I look up at the skies,
I see your smiling face.
Every cloud is dancing with grace,
All my sadness suddenly vanished
Because I know that you're with me, always.

At night, when I look up at the stars,
I see your halo and your sparkling eyes.
Your wings are waving at me,
Inviting me to dance to a beautiful melody.
My hands are on your shoulders,
Makes me wonder if we're really lovers.

Imagining myself lying next to you,
These are the things that can never be true.
Wishing at the stars above,
Hoping that someday I'll feel your love.
I'd never felt this kind of happiness before,
That's why I will always love you more and more.

How could this be all true?
That you and me forever and true?
How could I turn you into liking me?
To be with me till eternity?
How could I ever move on?
When you're still living in my imagination?

I cannot change what has been done,
There's nothing else to do, but
hope that someday all will be gone.
But never will I forget,
That choosing you, I didn't regret.

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For him to quit life and call it Happiness, and shockingly, he said not to grieve. He find a solution to end his suffering, and that was quitting. Because he believes that staying will mean worse than your death.

If you read my mind, you'll finally see That all I want to say is 'Marry me'.

I could hear his pulse rushing against my ears, the way the sea does in the shell.

Suffer in private Cry in private Heal in private but Smile in public 😃

Stop begging for love! If someone doesn't willingly give you these things, with their wide arms open, they aren't worth it. Begging is demanding and undignified. You should never have to ask to feel wanted.

Tell the people you love that you love them. Don't assume they know. Check on people often. They could be struggling alone. Never stop being kind. Even the world isn't being kind to you.

The moon and the stars are the things that remind me of you. You were able to make me feel into something new.

Maybe satan himself got tired of waiting for human beings to eat each other up and let the former magical earth rot into nothingness.

She gives us pain when we needed relief. When we needed her comfort, she gave us guilt. When we needed her, she left us to grieve.

We're in love... Right down to the splashing in the surf and the running hand-in-hand through the golden meadows at twilight.

Sire, death is the only thing left to respect. All else in this world can be questioned, but death is the truth.

we always expect the worst and still, we are able to laugh.

I am stronger than anxiety, and I am bolder than loneliness, and with that, nothing will ever deplete me.

He's so funny and sharp. and charming. By the end, you can hardly bear to be without him.

If you know you were going to die young, would you have spent as much time studying, mate?

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