Angela Wybrow

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Angela Wybrow Poems

1. Reunited 5/30/2011
2. Remembering Misty 5/31/2011
3. Summer's Here At Last! 6/1/2011
4. A Summer Shower 6/4/2011
5. The 10k Run 6/6/2011
6. The Journey Home 6/6/2011
7. Dumped 6/7/2011
8. Summer On The South Bank 6/12/2011
9. No One Quite Like You! 6/13/2011
10. Frog Frenzy 6/15/2011
11. Darkness Falls 6/17/2011
12. The Island 6/22/2011
13. The Hawk Moth 6/27/2011
14. What I Saw In London.. 6/27/2011
15. It's Going To Be A Good Day 6/28/2011
16. Charity Shop Bear 7/12/2011
17. Dusty Springfield 7/13/2011
18. My Hero: Michael Crawford 7/20/2011
19. Ode To Sarah Jane Smith (Doctor Who) 7/30/2011
20. Press Intrusion 7/30/2011
21. Road Works 7/31/2011
22. Bbc Proms 7/31/2011
23. Christmas Carol Singalong 8/1/2011
24. At The Stage Door 8/3/2011
25. Sand Storm 8/4/2011
26. Day Dreaming 8/5/2011
27. We Love To Moan! 7/27/2011
28. Party In The Park 8/7/2011
29. Season Of Unrest 8/9/2011
30. Discovering Shakespeare 8/9/2011
31. Trouble On The Trains 8/13/2011
32. Market Day 8/14/2011
33. One Little Comment 8/15/2011
34. Steam Dreams 8/20/2011
35. The Edinburgh Military Tattoo 8/26/2011
36. Diana, Princess Of Wales Memorial Fountain 8/31/2011
37. Cold Calling 9/2/2011
38. The Storm 9/6/2011
39. Summer Is Nearly Over 9/7/2011
40. Remembering 9/11: Ten Years On 9/11/2011

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Hot Air Balloon

I saw a hot air balloon flying over my house:
Most of the time, it was as quiet as a mouse,
But, every so often, its burners suddenly roared,
And higher, up into the sky, it suddenly soared.

My excitement, I found hard to keep at bay,
As, a hot air balloon, you don't see every day.
A passenger balloon floating through the air,
For me, is so special, as the sight is so rare.

The sight of the balloon, filled me with delight,
And I stood watching it, until it flew out of sight.
My eyes were stuck to the balloon, just like glue,
As it floated across ...

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I'll miss your hot breath upon my knee,
And your big, brown eyes gazing up at me.
I'll miss you galloping up the stairs,
And finding your fur just about everywhere!

I'll miss you snuffling through the waste paper bins,
And you hungrily eyeing my biscuit tin.
I'll miss the feel of your cold, wet nose,
And you sitting, listening to all of my woes.

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