The Talent Show Poem by Angela Wybrow

The Talent Show

Hundreds of people wait in the queue.
All eager to show off what they can do.
At today's talent show,
They hope for a 'yes', but may get a 'no.'
The panel of judges, they want to wow.
Their families, they want to make proud.
The singers range from bad to good.
Some can't sing, but someone told them they could!
A few singers are totally amazing,
And they lap up the judge's praising.
Represented, are all types of dance.
Round the stage, the dancers prance.
Ballet, Tap, Jazz, Folk and Street.
To the music, the dancers move their feet.
Stand-up comedians go through their paces,
Hoping to put a smile on the judge's faces.
A martial arts duo show off various kicks.
There's many magicians doing magic tricks.
A ventriloquist takes the stage with his furry friend:
To his friend's performance, a hand he lends!
The contortionist can do many a weird pose,
Like getting her toes to touch her nose!
There's dogs who can dance or sing,
Or, indeed, try their hand at anything!
Some people have turned up, just for a bet,
And some of the acts, the judges just don't get.
It's been a long day, but it's been fun,
And soon the judge's shortlist is done.
All of the acts have now been put to the test.
Now it's the moment to decide who is best.

David odinaka nwoke 11 March 2022

I recite many poems offhand, like morning of christnativity, ode to the west wind, elergy written in a country church yard, no coffin no grave, ...and plenty African and non african poems.invite me for a show.t

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Sikes Elem. 03 September 2020

Lots of great details from the story, but I wish the video showed more prosody in the voiceover. I wanted to share this with my students, but I didn't want them to think that we (as readers) talk like a robot when readers read poetry.

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Christine Kerr 18 June 2011

Well done you managed to get all the acts with their many talents and emotions. The one time they get to be included. I give you a ten.

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Angela Wybrow

Angela Wybrow

Salisbury, Wilts, UK
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