Aniruddha Pathak

Gold Star - 100,593 Points [Anirpath] (25.05.1941 / Godhra - Gujarat)

Aniruddha Pathak Poems

1. Obscurity 12/28/2013
2. Season Of Poll Weddings 12/29/2013
3. Mother's Not An Oasis 12/29/2013
4. Flyovers 12/30/2013
5. Never Is Thine Pretence Thee 12/30/2013
6. Global Freeze 3/14/2015
7. Prayer, No Petition For Pardon 3/14/2015
8. Epicentres Galore! 3/15/2015
9. Know Good-Before Date, O Guest 3/15/2015
10. Bananas To Keep Gold Lure At Bay 3/16/2015
11. Gym, A New Route To Divorce 3/17/2015
12. Captain Crazy 3/18/2015
13. Graves Of Past 3/18/2015
14. Poll, A Punishing Pole 3/18/2015
15. If Only One Learns 3/18/2015
16. Happiness: When You Be 8/19/2018
17. Which Way The Tough Go? 8/19/2018
18. Ego, What Makes It Go 8/20/2018
19. When Faith Stands Tall 8/20/2018
20. Politics 8/20/2018
21. Yon Of Eyes 8/21/2018
22. Perseverance 8/21/2018
23. Life And Death A Dual 8/21/2018
24. Abode Of Lord Be All This 8/21/2018
25. Thou Art A Complete One 8/22/2018
26. If Knowledge Fence Builds 8/22/2018
27. Now Is All There Is 4/6/2018
28. I Love You Not For What You Are 8/18/2018
29. When Not Getting Up Rattles More 8/18/2018
30. Solitude Of The Silver Age 9/1/2018
31. Sleep, Show Me Thine Face Of Death 9/4/2018
32. Paths Are Paths—right Nor Wrong 9/4/2018
33. My Love's Silent Song 9/4/2018
34. Five Lines In One Garland 9/4/2018
35. First Rain 9/4/2018
36. Prayers Are Pleas 9/4/2018
37. The Self,2: Never Can This Self Be Slain 9/16/2018
38. The Self 3: Never Is This Soul Born 9/16/2018
39. The Self 4: The Soul Of Ceaseless Breath 9/16/2018
40. Not Till The Last Tree Is Cut 9/20/2018

Comments about Aniruddha Pathak

  • Ansh Ki Shayri Ansh Ki Shayri (11/2/2019 12:20:00 AM)

    nice one sir really lovable

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  • Dr Dillip K Swain Dr Dillip K Swain (10/14/2019 2:02:00 AM)

    Esteemed poet Aniruddha Pathak is a gift to Poem Hunter. His poetry carries great maturity loaded with wisdom! His poem entitled, ‘The Joy Of Giving’ not only illustrate his generosity but also unfolds the inner strength of a blessed poetic soul.

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  • Hans Vr Hans Vr (7/20/2019 8:33:00 AM)

    A very wise poet, writing fluent verses, filled with inspiration and very thought provoking.
    I loved to read the poems I chose and will certainly come back to read more.

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  • Indira Renganathan Indira Renganathan (6/16/2019 9:35:00 AM)

    Aniruddha is a venerable and versatile poet with lot of wisdom. I feel his poems are a treasure to the poetry world.His poems can boost the thinking and understanding ability of the reader to a greater level because he has a unique writing style of a high standard. I get immense pleasure reading his poems..May God bless him with more progress and prosperity all through his life

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  • Bharati Nayak Bharati Nayak (5/28/2019 9:29:00 AM)

    I find much pleasure in reading his poems and commenting.In most cases he replies to the comments.He also gives wonderful review on the works of other poets.He is a great poet, reviewer as well as great human being.I am proud to have known him through his poems and getting many of my poems reviewed by him.Thank you so much respected poet Aniruddha Pathak.

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  • Bharati Nayak Bharati Nayak (5/28/2019 9:18:00 AM)

    Aniruddha Pathak is a great poet from India whose poems impressed me from the day one of my reading.His writings are versatile, with wit and depth as well as rhyme and reasoning.As Akhtar Jawad said in his comment, the poems of Aniruddha Pathak should not be read lightly.They reqire full concentration and sincerity to understand.Most of his poems have some unique flavour and theme.

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  • Akhtar Jawad Akhtar Jawad (3/20/2019 6:18:00 AM)

    Anirudh Pathak is a poet who should not be read lightly. Full concentration, seriousness and sincerity is required to understand his great poems.

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  • Bernard F. Asuncion Bernard F. Asuncion (2/15/2019 2:54:00 AM)

    Aniruddha Pathak is one of the great poets I follow on this site.
    Every time I see his poems, I read them and have found both
    wisdom and inspiration from his precious works.

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  • Prabir Gayen Prabir Gayen (2/11/2019 5:51:00 AM)

    Aniruddha Pathak a great poet of our Land...He writes with great sensitive heart...A poet par excellence....

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  • Aniruddha Pathak Aniruddha Pathak (12/30/2018 7:54:00 AM)

    Thank you Rose Marie Juan Austin, you yourself are a poet of distinction.
    And if you have liked my poems it does mean something to me.

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Best Poem of Aniruddha Pathak

The Joy Of Giving

Be it no more than just a glass of water,
A walking-stick alive rendered by daughter,
Care and concern, warm smile, none far too hotter;

Or quality time spent with someone old,
A warm blanket in times forlorn and cold,
In times of need a willing shoulder-hold;

A pair of slippers to feet walking bare,
Not in loud charity to show you care,
Heart-born feelings shown above false air;

Anything given short of counting ways,
Given to brighten up sinking heart's greys,
To lighten load that too heavily weighs;

Give it in cash though ...

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The Poetic View

I looked at what was Nature’s rare wonder
And enquired: what do we call this flower?
‘A lily’, said a gardener
In a matter of fact,
Looking at my pointed finger,
Precise, to the point, and perfect.

Not quite content, a man of science—
Of flowers and flora, their progeny,

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