Aniruddha Pathak Poems

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The Joy Of Giving

Be it no more than just a glass of water,
A walking-stick alive rendered by daughter,
Care and concern, warm smile, none far too hotter;

A Chirping Bird Tells Me

Comes autumn, follows fall,
Brown leaves begin to fall,
And when it snows in winter,
Trees look like skeletons that can't stir.

If You Follow My Poem's Flight

If you follow my poem's flight,
Pray, hold it under no search light,
Worse, under prying microscope,
Nor keen discreet ears, I do hope.

Ode On Old Virtues - Ii

Let me not play tuneless in today's time,
Some purists sure get praised as Gandhian,
Yet, crass nevertheless is no more crime,
Old values are hailed may be in heaven.

Old Age And Wisdom

A man on grey side of his long green age,
With wiser ways and values he preserves,
Can scarce claim still to be wisdom-filled sage;
And oft wears a face he seldom deserves.

Every Child Is No Einstein

Childhood, no more a time ‘tis to chill,
What a way, child's very child to kill!
It's time to draw a line,
Every child's no Einstein,

The Dawn When Turns To Morn

Yon there, the charioteer of Sun
Heralds the arrival of dawn,
Seen dawning her demur more smiles
That spread on to far spatial miles.

We All Are On Parole

For his fair conduct, goodly grade,
The killer was out on parole.

Easy, for justice to give dole,

Where Would In Time Its Footprints Go?

Parting cuckoo where her calls go?
Cut off from coast where sea would go?

Unfolding time dies duly blurred,

A Booster Pill For Love

They say love is a disease.
Maybe it perhaps is,
To treat which be a task uphill,
And to push to its peak,

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