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You came in my life,
When I was a teen,
A girl with a dream,
A girlwitha heart,

I think
I have got it back,
my past longings,
my shattered dreams,

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A Bird Without A Nest

You came in my life,
When I was a teen,
A girl with a dream,
A girlwitha heart,
Always at war with my mind,
On many issues-
Be it a boy girl thing
Or a gifted ear ring,
That was the moment
I fought to run out of clutches,
To become free, a free bird,
A bird without a nest.

In course of time
I lost you, on an occasion
While I had my temper lost,
My delicacy in thought n action
All gone so much so that
I dared drive you out of me..
Out of my life,
Out of my thoughts,
Out of my heart instantly.
I could no longer hear
My sobbing heart, nor read
My revengeful mind,
I brought about a topsy turvy
In my well settled love life
To make myself
A bird without nest.

Again in the afternoon a day
The Sun was hesitant to set,
Once again I met you
At a crowded Delhi Street
While I drove my car
Back to my lonely home
For me it was my Rome...
Without of course a king
To come at night in a dream
And quite silently you did enter
My car, as I asked to take an offer
To sip a mug of coffee with me
Something you always wished to be
The king of my nights and
Hero of my days to come..
You sipped only once and paused,
As if with the torn reel of time
Nothing could we talk, nor did share
Tears rolled down as if to declare
I was no more at my best,
I was no more that pretty loveliest.
But a bird without nest.

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Subhas Chandra Chakra 05 September 2016

Thanks dear Anita for your genuine interest in poetry. I feel proud of you.At last someone or sormething could inspire you to compose poetry.

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Bhagabat Prasad Hotta 23 June 2019

Thanks for your beautiful poems.100 ++++++3

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Seema Sharma Rimi 07 December 2017

Your poem well captures the mind of a reader. You have very well described the loss of temper that caused the discord in your love relation. Well done Didi.

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Sanghamitra Nayak 04 October 2017

It is a very beautiful poem, tragic story appears to be real.

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D Priyanka Singh 18 September 2017

You have shared so nice a poem Madam. Thanks for the great passion you have put into it. So neatly furnished poem.

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Ranjan Kumar Ghosh 18 September 2017

Thanks for poem very beautiful

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