Anne Jones

Rookie (New Jersey)

Anne Jones Poems

1. I Hear The Beat 7/15/2011
2. Sounds Of Nature 7/17/2011
3. Who Are You? 7/17/2011
4. What Is Love? 7/19/2011
5. Peaceful In The Darkness 7/20/2011
6. A Small Piece Of Metal 7/20/2011
7. Panic Sets In 7/25/2011
8. The Angel In You 8/3/2011
9. A Random Breath Of Fresh Air 8/14/2011
10. She Will Return 8/30/2011
11. I Feel Alone 7/20/2011
12. Teardrops Of Rain 8/6/2011
13. Tears Of Lonliness 7/15/2011
14. Cutting To Release 7/22/2011
15. This Is A Happy Place 7/17/2011
16. Standing On A Battlefield 7/30/2011
17. The Road I Travel 8/6/2011
Best Poem of Anne Jones

The Road I Travel

The road I travel is windy and unsafe
Filled with road blocks and things to slow me down
Constantly seeing a stop sign
One day the signal will turn green and I will push my foot on the gas

For now my safest way to travel is on the highway
Very little stops
Only a straight path to keep going
There is room to be both slow and causious and fast and furious
Depending on the day and what obstacle I face will dictate my speed and my destiny

As I travel the highway I see nothing but black top
It is just me and nothing but road to travel
Needing to realize that...

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Who Are You?

There is a man who lives in the couds
He clims to know the plan for each soul
Who is he?
People call him God!

god to me is a myserious man
He has left me questioning his sencerity in life
I don't understand the way he works
He has brought me sadness that I am having trouble forgiving

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