Anne Jones

Rookie (New Jersey)

Anne Jones Poems

1. I Hear The Beat 7/15/2011
2. Sounds Of Nature 7/17/2011
3. Who Are You? 7/17/2011
4. What Is Love? 7/19/2011
5. Peaceful In The Darkness 7/20/2011
6. A Small Piece Of Metal 7/20/2011
7. Panic Sets In 7/25/2011
8. The Angel In You 8/3/2011
9. A Random Breath Of Fresh Air 8/14/2011
10. She Will Return 8/30/2011
11. I Feel Alone 7/20/2011
12. Teardrops Of Rain 8/6/2011
13. Tears Of Lonliness 7/15/2011
14. Cutting To Release 7/22/2011
15. This Is A Happy Place 7/17/2011
16. Standing On A Battlefield 7/30/2011
17. The Road I Travel 8/6/2011
Best Poem of Anne Jones

The Road I Travel

The road I travel is windy and unsafe
Filled with road blocks and things to slow me down
Constantly seeing a stop sign
One day the signal will turn green and I will push my foot on the gas

For now my safest way to travel is on the highway
Very little stops
Only a straight path to keep going
There is room to be both slow and causious and fast and furious
Depending on the day and what obstacle I face will dictate my speed and my destiny

As I travel the highway I see nothing but black top
It is just me and nothing but road to travel
Needing to realize that...

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I Hear The Beat

I hear the beat the rata tat tat
I hear the rhythm and the rhyme
The soothing voice of words being sung
The music talks to me and tells a story to which i can relate
Sad songs, love songs, regret and inspiration
Close your eys and listen to what the sounds, beats and voices have to say
Thump thump bang bang drum drum drum
Fast and furious
The loud beat makes me energized yet causious

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