Annie Cordelia Adams

Rookie (14 August 1991 / Birmingham)

Annie Cordelia Adams Poems

1. Hoist Sails, Lass 12/20/2007
2. The Sea Doth Strike 12/20/2007
3. Greeter Of All Adventurers 12/20/2007
4. I Seek Not Across The Sea 12/20/2007
5. Sea-Less Drought 12/28/2007
6. I Would Be Valiant 12/20/2007
7. Sleeping Giants Do Roar Greatly Defiant 1/28/2008
8. Gilded Shores Of Stone-Cast Pearls 2/11/2008
9. Revolution And Rebellion 2/12/2008
10. We Stand Facing At Two Ends Of A Field 3/16/2008
11. Paint A Picture Of The Sea 7/4/2008
12. 'I Once Saw You' 7/5/2008
13. The Sun Forgot To Rise 5/12/2008
14. The Tragedy Of A Star (Our Little Boat Still Drifts Ashore) 5/23/2008
15. Heat In Birmingham, Alabama 7/9/2008
16. He Wrote Her A Love Note 7/12/2008
17. I Love You (You Said My Name In Your Own Language) 7/12/2008
18. I Was Ever Awakened 8/10/2008
19. In The Blackout Of The World 11/8/2008
20. Our Love Is Purer 11/8/2008
21. I Don'T Believe In Time 4/13/2009
22. I Don'T Believe In Ends 4/13/2009
23. Impossible To Know 4/27/2009
24. Hell Is Other People 5/18/2009
25. The Stages Of Love 5/26/2009
26. From A Lover 6/20/2009
27. Life Without End Is Only Good With You 6/21/2009
28. Meatloaf Surprise 6/23/2009
29. Furies' Wings 1/9/2010
30. I Just Had Another Idea 1/9/2010
31. I Only Wish Now 1/9/2010
32. I Want To Sing All The Time 1/9/2010
33. I'Ve Heard The World Is A Beautiful Place 1/9/2010
34. Ocean In My Veins 1/9/2010
35. Picture In My Locket 1/9/2010
36. Rainbow (Wherever You Are) 1/9/2010
37. Right Under The Stars 1/9/2010
38. The Stars Remind Me Of How Close We Are 1/9/2010
39. I'M Through With This War 1/9/2010
40. Thank You For The Blood 1/9/2010

Comments about Annie Cordelia Adams

  • Gajanan Mishra Gajanan Mishra (10/17/2015 10:14:00 PM)

    really you are a good one in thoughts and works, I like it, please read my poems and comment if you so like..

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  • Existential Despair (7/13/2008 6:45:00 AM)

    After reading two of your poems (desperation & i meant to say ten different things) it seems you are a genius in your own unique way with your intelligent poems

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Best Poem of Annie Cordelia Adams

A Little Picture

A little picture, browned,
Had a tear on its edge
Where moth and rust
Plagued it away
Wherever was this picture found?
In an attic? Where dust collects?

A tiny picture, profound
In all measure, fledged
With beauty like gold dust
A blooming fleur bouquet
Like an old tea gown
It was tossed with willful neglect

It did, very much, astound
Those who pledged
Their direct trust
Who lived in that day
Who’s beauty it drank down
In honest respect, its object

An old memory found
In a river of images read
The old photo must, ...

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The Sea Doth Strike

What is the sea, for it never ends
It looms around the horizon’s bend
I follow it as I transcend
The ceaseless waters make great lament

The evening tide is far behind
Toil on to meet the perimeter of mind
The ocean chants its words, maligned
Brink of thoughts conceived finally unwind

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