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Love, one of the mysterious emotion
they say It drives you crazy,
and makes you want
life to be on slow motion.

There was a time
when you were just a dream,
a dream I thought would never come true
or did it seem.

I know I am weak
too weak to admit,
that sometimes I just don't know
what to do right.

In your eyes I see
the secret that lies,
behind the bold face
the side that cries.

Oh little dandelion
in the sky,
whose wish are you carrying
and how high can u fly?

Sometimes I wonder
if it's right,
for me to be the one
for whom you laugh and fight.

I wish for you to be always fine,
even though you'll no longer be mine.

I know it's useless

Light up my world
wIth all you've got,
'cuz in my darkest days
you were all I thought.

If I had not met you
I wouldn't have known,
all these emotions
that now I own.


I love rain
as every time it came,
It described my life
and the one I became.

I cannot choose
I love them all,
summer winter
spring and fall.


You were the king
who captured my heart,
and showed it your kingdom
which was filled with warmth.


'Meeting was our fate
becoming friends was our choice,
but falling in love
was way beyond our control.'


Now that we are apart
everything feels so lifeless,
I know I have to be brave
but how can things be so meaningless?

With the sky lighten up by the stars
sitting near the window,
wondering what happiness and joy truly are.

I might be the writer
but you'll always be the words,
without you in them
they are just plain scattered words.

From me to you
this poem i write,
to thank you for making
my world so bright.

The heart in pain
a joy that's gone,
leaves me feeling empty
like a forgotten song.

The path we take
might be long,
but it will always take us
to where we belong.

Your love is like a garden
blooming with vibrant hues,
each petal a reflection
of the passion you hold true.

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Love, one of the mysterious emotion
they say It drives you crazy,
and makes you want
life to be on slow motion.

In love, there are moments you want to cherish,
memories you want to treasure
and people you don't want to forget.

Love is not an addiction,
it's just over affection.

Cheating In love Is keeping pain sealed,
open up even if it breaks a heart
because it's just a bitter truth revealed.

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Expectations are the main reasons that lead to Disappointments

The only one who will stay till the end with you is 'you'. so before making others happy find what makes you happy.

The difference between I LIKE YOU and I LOVE YOU is that: When you like a flower, you pick it. But when you love a flower, you water it. So never mistake like for love

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