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Even if a single person can relate to my poem and give them even 30 seconds of happiness..for me that's what makes my poems a success

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Its in harsh cry
Its in sweetest smile
Everyday u feel


Moved into a new city full of lights
Full of distractions and long sleepless nights
Hundreds of people walking by my side
Bearing untold stories and reasons to hide


Sometimes acting like grown up wild
But i am your little child
I dont know if i can handle life's biggest whirl
Cuz i am still my mumma's little girl...

To My Best Friend

We were just like cold winter days
And our friendship was the bruised knee
Paining as we took step together every year
Stumbling, we tried maintaining a balance

I Want

I want to fly very high
I want to touch the limits of the sky..
I want to dive in the ocean deep down
I want to listen to something vast and profoun'..

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Rai Jay 19 February 2017

You have an amazing talent of expressing your mind and reflecting your thoughts through your poems. You are an eloquent poet. Never stop writing. You really do have a potential of becoming a great poet. Hope to see some more poems soon.

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Do keep on writing. You have the poetry command of narrating or expressing your mind. Thanks for sharing other poems soon.

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