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The war must stay outta here,
Peace must linger in here,
Why war, why not peace,
Why 'ways desmantle,


I was hanging out with friends
Holding hands in hands
All of a sudden, I saw an Angel
I got absent-minded for ages

A friendly smile
Just your friendly smile
When I think of, it makes
Me smile and afloat on the Nile

Alone he is, it all glitters
Who doubts, except unborn
Likewise, it is too alone
With no clothes worn

Oh my Gosh, it is today!
On a certain July the 2nd
It is a brilliant day
In the family is the second

He's been making a lot of fuss
He's killed people in mass
It's never been his fault at all
On his parents's side is the ball

Years ago passed without it
I was still in quest for it
I walked down several streets
In quest, I marched on feet

What is it that Covid-19!
The World's got not one problem!
On top of that, you Covid-19!
Damn it! I strongly it condemn!


I am totally green:
Green is my black skin
I always think green
My thoughts are green

A star in the sky came down
After a long long vacation

The whole family went happy

Once upon a long time in streets,
A man was walking not alone.
He was alongside his thoughts
These latter roared up insane.

Just like rhymes a moo-moo
That girl was my boo
I lost all when met in the loo
I went there to poo

This is a absolutely good to see
State of matter changed randomly
Human kind got stunned to watch
Indefinitely unexpected from scratch

Au regard d'un mutisme absolu
A l'écoute d'un bruyant silence
Au toucher d'un air solide
D'un air pénétré, je silence.


Contemplating an absolute mutism
Hearing a very loud silence
Touching a cold tough air
From any view point, quietness.

From the bossom of your mom
We longed to fall in love with your eyes
Our expectation burst at last one night
Your first cry was heard in the room

Je pense encore à ces moments-là
Enfants à la maison, nous étions las.
Nous menions une vie de précarité
Un jour sans fin était une éternité.

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Born on May 15 in the Democratic Republic of Congo...)

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No War

The war must stay outta here,
Peace must linger in here,
Why war, why not peace,
Why 'ways desmantle,
Why not stay gentle,
Why make shooting sounds,
Why not keep safe and sound?
The question's asked to all
Everyone can play their role
So our offsprings get you as idol
Peace but peace above all.

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Every step to growth is every footprint to life, and the latter is every stride to death.

He that has got people is richer than he that has got money

When a man is born, it is not just a new book better translated to a language but also is it a new book printed

As soon as the world understands without contention that no man is an entire island, the world won't go asunder and peace will be the breath

Precedence has ever been attributed to vices rather than virtues since human consciousness hybernates.

Time past, time reclaimed

I did all I did for reasons, but the said reasons are all void

Some people are not de facto guilty since doing wrong is the only right thing they can do

Even so sins became my daily bread, consciousness breathes in and out my dread

It is nowadays very common to find a 'good' girl who does not love you for you

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Joseph Dela Sulh (losembe) Popularity

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