The Angel She Sight (Part - 1) Poem by Anoushka Sinha

The Angel She Sight (Part - 1)

Rating: 2.8

The sky was as dark,
As the coal in the mine…
Where miss suzy worked.
To make her living just fine
Extra hours for extra bucks
How much harm could it do
For a trip to uncle chuck’s
Or the rent that’s still due
But the time passed by
& she was alone on the streets
She could hear the slight cry
That fastened her heart beats
Who’s there? whose there?
She exclaimed in fright
But she was giving a hollow stare
In the emptiness of the night
She ran, alarmed by a sudden glow
She was creeped to her soul
Relieved it was a cat’s shadow
Playing with a bowl
And suddenly she saw something
wounded it seemed to be
an angel with a broken wing
is what she came to see
astonished & frozen
she stood there in shock
thankful she’s choosen
this road to take a walk
so beautiful, so magical
oh that god’s creation!
that feeling was radical
still seeing if she’s mistaken

Shraddha The Poetess 26 February 2014

really an interestinggg poem........beautifully created................. well done..

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Niken Kusuma Wardani 25 February 2014

it's nice poem indeed, like a living story :)

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