I'M Broken, Let Me Be Poem by Anoushka Sinha

I'M Broken, Let Me Be

Rating: 2.8

People say I'm not fixable
They can't correct what I am
My system is all so terrible
They can't correct who I am

They say you don't fly
You don't put yourself out there
But they don't see the time I cry
Trying to light up that flare

Well now I don't want to,
I can; t do it anymore
No one can ever change you
I'm gonna Spread my wings and soar

I'm gonna soar but my way
They don't need to guide me
I'm gonna be okay
I don't care if they abide me

Well if I'm broken
Let me be
Because, I'm just shooken
By the world in front of me

They keep on judging
Believing the fallacy
That I'm still Grudging
To what they call supremacy

Well they can live in
The fantasies they've created
I'm always caught committing a sin
My innocence is still debated

If who I am And What I do
Doesn't mix with what they are
They preach to me, trying to change my view
They'll do whatever in their power

But your floundering tricks
Don't get me fazed
Because no fleet of hicks
Can leave me amazed

I know, I'm Broken
Let Me Be
But I'm no more shooken
By the world in front of me....

V P Mahur 27 February 2014

Ye s, this is the spirit. If you know you are right, you need not be afraid whatever others say. Nice read.

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Brokenness is sometimes the birthplace of greatness. Thanks for sharing my friend.

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Anoushka Sinha 22 February 2014

thnx a lot ed :) yes i agree ppl try to make u go where they actually wanna go, they try to live through another.. =)

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S M 17 February 2014

Nice poem ;) loved reading! absolutely beautiful :) Well Done: D

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