Bottom Of The Bottle Poem by Anthony Loudin

Bottom Of The Bottle

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The bottom of this bottle 
has been my only friend.
A lonely man
alone again,
open up & closing gin,
'its over' meant,
hope is no longer
coping him.
I'm Slowly Soaking in
the poems I wrote
against the ropes
When close to ghost
& almost overdose off 10s.
I just Hope this week
would end,
No ink in pen
so the point of him
can't unload or show
emotion without leaking in.
He's feelings only have a home
if not thrown a pad & pen.
Mad at him you owe us.
The Goal was
to show us
that loners loaned love,
not owned
cause homes was
Hardly holding up.
Emotional stuff
I've chosen to keep it tucked
So pretty much,
Im owning up
to closing shut.
You were trying to show me
how to invite in trust,
like 'just lighting up',
'wrong your rights',
You're right I was,
Too blind to see so
I tripped & fell in love.
Ive been going through hell
for months.
When times got rough
All I felt was the help that
you were providing us.
I tought that when we first split
You'd be the first person
to find deifying love..
& I'm glad you was.
See, My problems just never stopped adding up,
I think I've had enough.

Bottom Of The Bottle
Tuesday, February 21, 2017
Topic(s) of this poem: alcohol,alone,family,girlfriend,journey,life,lonely,love,love and life,relationship
Jazib Kamalvi 27 June 2017

I like the line, I think I've had enough. LOVE...You may like to read my poem, Love and Lust. Thanks for sharing..

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Anthony Loudin

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