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Knock! ! knock! ! Mommy
I am your little baby mommy
Mommy! ! Where do you stay? ?
In your dad's heart baby

A bit of life grows
A bit of  time paused;
Little dew drops falls on the leaves
A slight sunlight comes beneath the blossomed trees

Walking by  the lanes of  the city;
The lush green meadows lying aside,
The wavy dark green landscape,
Gives a certain flashesof my childhood;

Slowly the winds blows
The heat punches the air;
The lifeless trees
Standing bowed down;

One large peg please!
No dear but a short of it,
One bottle of passion
No not a death of mankind

I am waiting for you throughout my life
Only with the hope that you will come back to me;
Iam in pain since you have left me,
Almost a year has passed

Trip, trip, the drops of dews
Falls on the leaves,
A muddy land and a clear sky
The silent andcalm atmosphere,

Why I Miss You; every minute per second
Why I Miss You when I'm lone
Why I Miss You in my painful days,
Why I Miss You; My companion

One day at a New york city shop,
I met a man selling marbles,
For money he wanted to swap,
But I really wanted some barbels.

Romeo! ! Juliet....
Where are you my Romeo? ?
I am here my Juliet? ? ?
But where; ? ? Ican't see you? ?

• Traffic lights
Beep! ! Beep! ! The carsays
Broom! ! Broom! ! the truck says
Stop! Stop! Says the guard

• A Christmas love story
Merry Christmas my dearest hubby
Merry Christmas my love; wish u the same my ladylove! !
My love; look how Christmas has spread it's pure musical essence of love and blessings ofLord

• Feathers
Ohh! !Bird; How beautiful you are? ?
So shiny are your eyes.
So bright are your skin

• Never say goodbye
Never say goodbye because
Goodbyes are never ending
Goodbyes friends says ends to a day


Bid adieu the  summer days
The smokes are  came out of the roofs
Amidst the raining sky
welcomes the autumn

Bird's nest
High on the hills;
Behind thebroken mountains
Stays a family of birds,

A Christmas tree
Jingle bells
Bells and balls rang the clock
Gifts and toys gives us smiles

A wish to spend a day with Santa
Riding on the sledge
Travelling to far land


• Blonde

The Best Poem Of Archita Kumar


Knock! ! knock! ! Mommy
I am your little baby mommy
Mommy! ! Where do you stay? ?
In your dad's heart baby
Mommy! ! Mommy! ! And me? ?
In my heart my dear.
Knock! ! Knock! ! Mommy
What do you eat? ?
Vegetables and fruits
Andme mommy? ?
The same I eat
Knock! ! Knock! ! Mommy
Whom do you love
Your dadmy dear
And me mommy
Lot more than else my love
Knock! ! Knock! ! Mommy
You told me you live in dad's heart
But where is that heartand where it has come from
My love; it has come from heaven
Where is heaven mommy? ?
It is far far away
Where God lives
But mommy where God lives
My love; In heaven
Mommy where Ilive
In God ‘s place my love
Mommy;In heaven mommy
Yes my dear
Mommy! ! Mommywhen Iwill be with you
Very soon; my love
Mommy! ! Mommy! !
Yes my love
Mommy! !Why do you love me? ?
Because you are my child my love
Heeee heee... She smiles
Mommy! ! Mommy
Yes my love
You love me becauseI am your child
Yes my love
But I thought mommy you love me
Because Iama part of you soul
No my child, you are my everything
Mommy! ! Mommy! ! Don't be sad
I love you mommy! !
You are my whole world mommy
But mommy; Do you love me as I do? ?
A deep silence
Tears ofquestions flowsfrom eyes
Again A deep silence says the rest.

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Bhagabat Prasad Hotta 23 June 2019

I enjoyed your all poem. You are a promising poetess such.100+++++++

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Bharati Nayak 28 May 2019

A great promising poet is here having wonderful poetic skill.Hope readers will enjoy her poems.My best wishes to the talented poetess.

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