Arizona mota Poems

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Heart -Break by Arizona Mota

Love isn't a game, love isn't just something to play with, love is a blessing for some people.

Sometimes it is hard, but sometimes it is easy, sometimes it is hard to trust people when you know they dont trust you, sometimes it is not hard for someone.

Rip G2 14 Forever by Arizona Mota

I won't cry for him,
I will smile and be brave for him
He might be far away from us,
but he is still in our heart.

Don't Give Up On Love by Arizona Mota

does anyone wonder how the world is,
does anyone wonder why God gives you life,
or have you ever wondered how love is hard.

Hate And Love by Arizona Mota

Hate is like a stormy sea
It crashes down and makes me wanna be free
From all the pain and all the strife
From all the hurt and all the life

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