Hate And Love by Arizona Mota Poem by Arizona mota

Hate And Love by Arizona Mota

Hate is like a stormy sea
It crashes down and makes me wanna be free
From all the pain and all the strife
From all the hurt and all the life

It's like a demon that I can't ignore
It whispers in my ear and makes me want more
More anger, more rage, more hate
More reasons to scream and participate

But love is like a warm, sunny day
It shines so bright and chases all the hate away
It's like a flower that blooms in my heart
A symbol of hope, a brand new start

Love is patient, love is kind
It's like a shelter that's always on my mind
A place where I can go and be free
Where I can let go and just be me

But hate is like a heavy chain
It holds me back and makes me feel insane
It's like a monster that I can't defeat
A constant reminder of my deepest defeat

I want to break free from its hold
To let love shine bright and make my heart unfold
But it's hard to let go of the hate
When it's all I know, it's all I create

I guess that's why they say love is blind
Because it's hard to see when hate is on my mind
But maybe someday I'll find the strength
To let love conquer all, to be the best version of myself at last

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