Heart -Break by Arizona Mota Poem by Arizona mota

Heart -Break by Arizona Mota

Love isn't a game, love isn't just something to play with, love is a blessing for some people.

Sometimes it is hard, but sometimes it is easy, sometimes it is hard to trust people when you know they dont trust you, sometimes it is not hard for someone.

Love hurts more than anything else, love hurts when you know they still love you, love hurts when you love the person that was there for you.

But Monday, my heart was beating fast, as if it was getting chased down,

But on Monday, I got the worst news ever, the worst of them.

My heart slowly broke in pieces, it might be my fault, it might not be, but my love for him, it slowly disappears.

Dropping everything you had with that one person hurts more than anything else, you would always regret every little thing, your choices, for that one person.

Days go by, you might feel better, but every time when you look in his or her eyes, only you can see the darkness and sadness in their eyes.

When you close your eyes,
You imagine what would happen next, would they forget about you? , would they move on? , would they hate you forever? There are so many questions you might ask.

People cry, people don't
People lay in bed staring at the sealing, but some people hurt themselves more than they are.

If it's you breaking people's hearts, STOP, if it's you getting hurt don't CRY.

But if you are or were in a toxic relationship, get out until it is late, if you were the toxic one then stop.

Don't break people's hearts over something stupid. Talk to them and try to fix stuff.

i got heart broken in school and i got blamed about everything and my relationship ended over a toxic and controling bf
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