Rip G2 14 Forever by Arizona Mota Poem by Arizona mota

Rip G2 14 Forever by Arizona Mota

I won't cry for him,
I will smile and be brave for him
He might be far away from us,
but he is still in our heart.

God took him from us,
But god took him from his happy place,
He took him for a reason,
he would be our angel next to us,
He might be miles away from us,
but he is still within my memories.

It okay to cry,
its okay to scream,
but it's not okay to hide your emotions from others.
It might be hard for everyone,
but it's hard for the people that stood next to him,
People use their lips to talk bad about someone special,
But I use my lips to pray for him.

When you get to know someone like G2,
you would want to have a friend or a best friend like him.

Don't wait until they are gone to get to know them,
Take your time to get to know him,
You have time to talk bad about someone,
Also take your time to say the good thing about that person.

So I won't say he is gone,
I will just say he is away.

My friend G2 = George got shot at age 14 over drugs at night he scream for his life, but he didn't know that it was going to happen he just got set up. He got shot in his neck, in his leg, in his waist, and 12 more bullets straight to his chest. he died in the hospital for losing so much blood.Some people think that it is fun to make fun of them and they get jumped by G2 friends and even killed. don't be like one of these people laughing about someone so special to us without getting to know them
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