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Many hours wasted, smashing evil
Forces that keep me from high scores.
Many controllers defaced, from bashing
Buttons and joysticks, that control my paws.

Your whole life can change in a split of second
When you're close to meeting the man called the reaper.
Your adventure flashes like a flickering torch
Stuck in quicksand going deeper and deeper.

Come save me my darling I am so lost.
Head's spinning backwards and forwards.
All I see Is darkness no room for the light.
When beauty is wrong and ugly is right.

Im in the zone its time to get lazy
Nobody can save me slump as a rock
Stuck to the bed nobody can stop me
Thoughts going crazy in the land of nod

To the rock of the family
the man who hold us up
With such a beautiful presence
You make the room glow

Weave webs of pure delicacy
pump fear into hearts of gigantious size.
For i am a thing of beauty but always get cries
Why all the hate when we leave a legacy.

Breakfast is mind fuel
Its good for the soul
Drooling and chomping
It makes your day whole

Move over beings, this planet is ours
Stealing your women, for a fatal feast
We're not little green men, we're raging beasts
We zap with lazers, don't come with flowers.

Knobbly sticks and covered in fluff,
Dangling twigs hold me up.
Long thin bones all bruised and batterd,
Twiddly hair all matted.

What is this? Wreckedge, or Golden oppertunity.
Where do my feet trample? Heaven or hell.
Hatred lies, run amok in my comunity.
All of us slaves with a soul that's to sell.

Cupid shot arrows straight to my heart
Baby your one girl.. who is an angel.
Your elegant brain is so so smart
You do so much for me, and im thankful.

A strange event unfolded last night
This sight was unhinged, crazy and creepy
Vunerable i was. A vegetable sleeping
Woke by a beauty in my corner weeping.

Locked in a dingy pot hole
Liquid leaking from cracks in the ceiling
No sign of life, Not one soul
The sense of emptyness is not apealling.

Venturing through the garden of lost souls
My only companions are a sword and shield.
Stories of a princess across the land are told
My limbs are destroyed, My skin has been peeled.

Lakes glissen with the shine of brightness
No room for evil in the village of angels.
Sunshine sparkles and sprinkles of whiteness
In the extravengent fields of glory and fortune.

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I am new to writing poems and i am looking forward to posting my work on this website. I am looking to find new poets myself and develop my skills as i am just starting off. If anybody has advice i would love to hear it.My poems are going to be about everything. I am going to write about my mood of the day, my past and life experiences to even random things i see. I hope my writing skills get a lot better and who knows i may become a good poet. I feel i have a lot i need to get off my chest and i think poetry may be my way off expressing all of this. Thank you and i hope you enjoy)

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A Poem To - My Addiction For Video Games

Many hours wasted, smashing evil
Forces that keep me from high scores.
Many controllers defaced, from bashing
Buttons and joysticks, that control my paws.

Many months disapeard, leveling warlords
To destroy and conquer, the mighty tower.
Many levels cleared, searching castles
Holding princesses, captured by Bowser.

Many years controlled, by newer consoles
Feeding my addiction, of box gazing.
Many memory cards, missing in action
From all the games that said, was not saving.

A whole lifetime spent, playing splitscreen games
With all the chums, shooting guns in a foresome.
Many more times, I will be popping up
At the local shop, Saying that game, looks awesome.

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Arron Fowler Popularity

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