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1. Theres A Succubus In My Bedroom 1/14/2013
2. Dungeon Of The Mind 1/21/2013
3. Money Sphere 1/27/2013
4. The Quest For A Princess 1/31/2013
5. Crystal Village 2/5/2013
6. Be My Valentine 2/12/2013
7. My Legs 2/21/2013
8. Heaven Or Hell? 2/23/2013
9. Giga 3/4/2013
10. We Are Not Cute, We Are From Space 2/15/2013
11. Random Jibajaba 1/30/2013
12. Eat Your Breakfast 1/9/2013
13. Spider 1/7/2013
14. The Sad Poem 12/29/2012
15. Cussion Kingdom 12/29/2012
16. Near Death Experience 2/6/2013
17. Granddad 1/2/2013
18. A Poem To - My Addiction For Video Games 2/27/2013

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A Poem To - My Addiction For Video Games

Many hours wasted, smashing evil
Forces that keep me from high scores.
Many controllers defaced, from bashing
Buttons and joysticks, that control my paws.

Many months disapeard, leveling warlords
To destroy and conquer, the mighty tower.
Many levels cleared, searching castles
Holding princesses, captured by Bowser.

Many years controlled, by newer consoles
Feeding my addiction, of box gazing.
Many memory cards, missing in action
From all the games that said, was not saving.

A whole lifetime spent, playing splitscreen games
With all the chums, ...

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To the rock of the family
the man who hold us up
With such a beautiful presence
You make the room glow
Never have i met a man like you
Will i ever, i don't know
With such a kind heart
Your An interlect from another planet
A lover of everything

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