Arun Maji Poems

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Why Read Poetry?

Poetry is something
that dances rhythm of your heart,
sings song of your soul,
dreams dream of your subconscious.

Conquest Of The Sorrow

If you are broken
you're broken.
then your love is crushed
and soul is fragmented

I Saw You In My Dream

I saw you in my dream.
But you know
I am not supposed to.
Why should a boy dream a moon?

Let Us Kiss And Part

Maybe we have loved too much.
Maybe we have drunk each other
Too much, too long.
So much for such a long time


Let our parting
be sweeter than our union.
Let our forgetting
be more musical than our memory.

Just One Kiss Away


ওহে মালবিকা
অমৃত থেকে অমৃত মন্থন করে
ঈশ্বর ​গড়েছে ​তোমায়।
তুমি কি নিষ্ঠুর হতে পারো?

Nudity Or Beauty

beauty grows from love.
in eyes of love, everything is beautiful.
while making love to your beloved
you see beauty, not nudity.

আমার তুই কাব্য হবি?

আমার তুই কাব্য হবি?
হৃদয় ছেঁড়া শব্দে তুই
সাদা পাতা ভাসিয়ে দিবি।
রোদ ঝলমল হাসিতে তুই

God Does Not Have To Exist

God does not have to exist. Even it is a concept and that concept brings good to human- it's worthy. There are things that exist and cause harm to human. Even though they exist they are not worthy.

To me God or no God, is not an issue. To me important is- what human does with it. Human can be good with God or without God. This is why I am neither a theist nor an atheist. I just believe in thinking good for human, other lives and nature.

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