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Can A Poet Surrender To Misery!

You can break the neck of a poet
to stop a hand to write

Translated as determination

Red hot - red hot

Child bids us bye

I am a child
You are grown

Artificial Rain

When nature works to give rain
it is all - gain and gain

I am tomorrow

The child, ever innocent
Man's only survival asset

Munawwar Rana

A Gazal on Mother
Munawwar Rana

8 o'clock 
(An Elegy to  the Mother)

The Sun in routine

Can A Poet Surrender To Misery

You can break the neck of a poet
to stop a hand to write

Gazal-Munawwar Rana on Mother
English Translation Arvind Shah

Someone got a house in share, to keep


My Weekend Poems # 4
(Today, on Mother's Day)

My Weekend Poems #5

We still live together

My Weekend Poems #6

Tragedy of the Century
When Death Lost Dignify!

Every plant and tree
around us, we see
writes a poem direct
the literary piece perfect.

My Weekend Poems # 8
Cheerful Camp - Sweet Home
*****. *****. *****

Bhe Gavne Aaj
Translated as
Today I will not Sing


O Dear Crow!

Krishen Joo Razdan
(translated into english)


Air Emergency
The sky is laden with no missile gunpowder
Nuclear arsenal or chemical weapon power
Yet - Delhi, the capital of India these days

The Best Poem Of arvind shah

Can A Poet Surrender To Misery!

Can A Poet Surrender To Misery!

You can break the neck of a poet
to stop a hand to write
but the soul will spiral
spirits of expression, to run
none could kill the instinct
and none can kill the instinct.

All oceans - in a drop do lie
that a poet holds in his eye
and a world wells up in him
trickles: an extinct jewel, grim
to see unleash of a misery:
a story, of a story, in a story.

A poet puts spirit of soul in a word
the expressions to be heard -
creates, a throbbing heart scene
for heartful feelings to be seen -
strength of spirit has power: immense
to set in a sense for, sense - nonsense.

When poet is severed from ancestry
heritage belonging and home of history
displaced physically - wears torture agony,
bruised, blue and black signs to carry
memory of the Homeland gets him into the ill world of inhumane human.

© arvind shah 17/10/15
In memory of homeland, which he was forced to flee 25 years back.

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