* How Do I Tell You? Poem by aryaindia india

* How Do I Tell You?

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to creation that is color - the color of the soul

It does not matter you do not see
The color itself as born to be
Here the spirit stands so tall
Will lift to heal if e'er you fall

But how do I so tell you that
Color in shades of feel you trust
Of that merged twinge of sorrowed rust
Can bring appeal it's then a must

If colors then could make my days
Drop the sign that lacks gods ways
He meant accept not rant and rut
But how do I just tell you that?

C. P. Sharma 19 December 2009

I quote Shelley in response to this: The One remains, the many change and pass; Heaven's light forever shines, Earth's shadows fly; Life, like a dome of many-coloured glass, Stains the white radiance of Eternity. CP

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Kesav Easwaran 16 December 2009

the poem hides nothing there...the color of its soul is indeed bright...your words your message your theme well accepted Arya... God is great...great piece...10

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Rajaram Ramachandran 12 December 2009

The color of body does not count, but the color of the soul reveals one's own personality. I find this aspect revealing well from this poem.

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