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Different turns
No way of knowing
Which way I'm going
Pain that comes and goes

I walk the darkened path
Straight and narrow
Knowing only that I have to keep going
I'm tired of pretending that things are perfect

The night was calm but there were people everywhere.
I couldn't escape them
but part of me didn't want to.
I ran but they always followed.

I look back and see
All the pain he caused me
The hatred he didn't hide
All the times that I cried

Hopelessly I wait
Not knowing what there is to come,
Feeling as though this is the end,
All I can do is wait.

At times like these I think isolation is my way out
Holding on even though my mind is full of doubt
Confusion of the heart instead of the brain
Wishing i had someone to help me stay sane

Try to see it in my eyes
The pain you didn't realize
You criticize me for who I am
Since I am not an innocent lamb.

I'm a good girl
Smiling, laughing, making jokes
Looking at the glass as half full
Painting a nice picture...

You feel the coldness of the blade
Touch the softness of your skin
For a brief moment you stop...
And wonder

I've been dealt so many bad hands
When I finally get a good one
I feel like it isn't real
That it will disappear

Fine doesn't always mean your fine,
Sometimes it means you need a sign.
To keep you grounded and secure
When you feel like your waiting for a cure.

Judgment clouded
but for only that second.
Look to the sky for clarity,
heart in heart ppl always believe.


Sunshine everywhere
Looking outside as the cars pass by
Wonder where they are going?
Where has their life lead them?

Miles continue on
Tonight is no different.
Days run together
Days keep me alive


Is that what you want?
Leave me alone.
You think to much.
My breathing halts to a stop.


Remember when you told me to wait see?
When you said you would never hurt me?
Remember when you said you would never leave?
When you said i just needed to believe?

Will you miss me?
When I finally give up and move on.
Not recognizing that I am the one.
Tired of watching you, waiting


Time has changed so must I
Darwin's Theory or i'll die
Make this pain go away
So I can live another day

Another birthday Come and gone.
Another life lost by all the wrong.
Time to grow up, Time to move on.
Time to toughen up, time to be strong.

My heart breaks with every tear,
Loving is so hard to bare sometimes,
It causes pain that I am addicted to.
Wishing I was strong enough...

Ashley Davis Biography

I have been through alot in my short life and even though most of what i went through was bad...i don't let it hold me down. Some of my poems that i have on here were when, at the time, i was going through a lot of terrible things and so i wrote about them. I don't regret any of what i went through because i know if i didn't...i wouldn't be who i am today. My life has turned upward and things are not as bad now. I love writing poems when i have troubles in my life and can't seem to express how i feel at the time and when i feel like there is something i need to get out. Some of my poems i didn't have to think about writing they just seemed to spill out on to the paper. Then there are some i had to work for. I love reading! I live in Texas and starting college soon. This is me so add me as a friend or just a post comment and tell me what you think of my writings! Thanks and enjoy! =D)

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Thoughts And Feelings...

Different turns
No way of knowing
Which way I'm going
Pain that comes and goes
Pain that never leaves
Wanting to just scream

The hunger I feel
And the questions that never get answers
Questions of Why? What? How?
Why did this happen to me?
What do i do now?
How do I move on?

Feelings of loneliness
Needing love form others
Never seeming to be satisfied

Afraid to ask...
Who's fault it this?
Nobody's fault but my own...right?
But I had no control
Debating with myself
If not my fault then who's?
No blaming.

Sorrow for those who are not listened to
Wanting to be heard...
But only told...
'You are too young to understand'
People telling me to stay young
But then tell me to grow up?

Voices telling me to get it together
put that cute little smile on
things will be alright...
But when?

Solitude inside and out
wanting to fly away
sky that is sunny
but no brightness warms me

Feels like I'm holding me breathe
Waiting, watching, but not really seeing
hoping someone will save me
Save me from this life of darkness

(This was just thoughts that i had at one point and then i just put it together)

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Jordan Claire 08 April 2011

i enjoy your poems they make me feel and understand your pain its cool in a way lol

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Farah Aliah 26 July 2009

You hav a sweet biography and a sweet life...You will have a brighter life....Don't worry

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Ashley Davis Popularity

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