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He wrote to me a love letter
He hugged me to feel better
He caught my hand when I was lost
He showed me how much I cost

Walking on a road
Through trees shadow
Looking for a way out
Where i can feel

a child And his mother sat alone
They seemed cold and tired..
For losing their home
the child was saying:

for all hard times she was there
Struggling patiently for life
Spreading love and care
A blessed gift on earth

I couldn't let him go
Walk away for ever
Forgets me, hates me
Just not being together

One day in a rainy day
Where there was no one but you and me
We laughed like two insane
We danced like it's all okay

My life is hollow,
Boring in fact
No passion to follow
As a stone doesn't act

What is life? And what is death?
Two words we used to hear and deal with
They are the contradiction of each other
Both can happen to anyone,

A poem long or short
It may heal or hurt
Whether about hate or love
Or an expression of what you feel and have

Why two love each other must break up?
Is it the fate or one of them decides to stop
The fear and feeling of confusion
Should he live the moment,

 I woke up that day to the noise of the T.V.
Wondering what was the matter,
Curiosity left me no choice but to watch.
I saw fire and devilish flames everywhere;

The sky looks beautiful and clear
While I am staring at it right here
Enjoying the weather, although it is sunny
What luck! For that people pay money

My life, what a long, big word
Every day pass I learn things cannot be seen or heard
Proud of my existence and being alive
Living difficult moments then happiness arrive


Frozen.. am i frozen?
Is this my life? or Myself i am losing
I hear sounds but i live in silence
I want to move but i with no balance

Changing times...
I close my eyes
I remember the joy of yesterday
I feel cry.. but i am fine

You forgot me son, right?
My meals, and songs at night
your runing to me when you are terrified
to wipe your tears that broke my heart

Such a beautiful image I am looking at

Perfect for the walls of my flat

A day started with shining sun
And flowers bloomed perfuming the air
As life appeared colorful and pure
A man was throwing dirt everywhere


ملحمة عن شيخ مجيب

An Epic on Sheikh Mujib, the Father of Nation
by Sayeed Abubakar
Translation in English: Sayeed Abubakar

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Signs Of Love

He wrote to me a love letter
He hugged me to feel better
He caught my hand when I was lost
He showed me how much I cost
I love him between me and myself
Maybe as he does or just a half
I know I am the one in his mind
A truth he can't deny or hide
Thinking of me when he wakes up
Picturing me in his coffee cup
Smiling when he hears my name
Hoping one day I'll feel the same..!

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