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Poetry has always been a hobby. Just writing about how you feel, and letting out raw emotion. Most of my poems are things I feel/experienced first hand.. Hope you enjoy.

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Broken Heart

It happened again
But this time I don't know what to do
We've been here before
we've walked down this same avenue

The phone calls every night
You were hiding it behind my back
Id hold your hand full of love
but it was the knowledge I lacked

How could you do this to me?
How did you not know it was wrong?
you were hiding it from me
while I was stuck listening to love songs

You'd tell eachother I love you
And with her you'd always seemed to care
I wished I had somebody to talk to
But my boyfriend and bestfriend wasn't there

You'd skype and laugh
Id sit and cry
Telling myself that one day
All of this will pass by

Not wanting to hurt either of you
Not wanting to step on toes
just sitting upset by myself
Trying to make it obvious by my pose

Who was I to talk to?
who was I to trust?
The people who I believed would never hurt me
had ripped my heart out in a thrust

Permanently afraid of loosing you
Its something you cant erase
No matter how many band aids you give me
my broken heart you can never replace

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Aurora Ulch Popularity

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